Thursday, August 27, 2009

School Daze

School started on Monday and even though my kids have only been out for two weeks, I was ready for them to go back. They were actually all ready early so we got there on time. As we were walking to the school I asked Kaylee and Ashton if I could give them a hug or if they were to old for that kind of stuff. Ashton said she wanted a hug but Kaylee, who was already walking about ten feet in front of us said something I couldn't hear which I took to mean NO WAY! I was okay with that though because I said loudly, "that's okay no one needs to know your mother loves you!" Got to love these prepubescent years (I'm sure it will only get better when she's a teenager). On the way to school Dalin kept taking his shoes off and when Kaylee told me it happened again I said that's because he's a punk. He then replied by making a spitting noise and saying, "I spit my punk out!" He sure knows how to use humor to get out of trouble. The rest of the kids thought this was hi-lar-i-ous and they have been trying to get him to repeat it all week. He's now added a warning of "watch out for my punk" after he spits it out. That kid cracks me up!

I forgot to take the first day of school picture at home, so this is right after we got out of the car at the school.

The girls go to a different school than Aiden (it's next door and it's grades 3-5), and they don't let the parents come into the classroom on the first day, so I only have Aiden at his desk. Isn't he too stinkin' cute!


Mandy and Jason said...

Your kids are so witty. They must get it from their mom. I hope my kids adopt some of Jason's craziness just to keep me entertained. I hope they have a good year.

susan said...

They look so cute, Aiden look so grown up. I love what you said to Kaylee, I love doing stuff like that to my kids.Especially to Austin Hee Hee! Dalin must be putting his comedy act together in his head. He is so funny.