Monday, January 27, 2014

Jennifer Whitney Goodman

December 8,1976- January 23,2014

This beautiful lady went home on Thursday morning.  Her funeral is today, but I couldn't go, so I will remember her here.  I will always remember Jeni like the pictures above.  Long curly blonde hair and a wonderful smile.  She is one of my most favorite people ever.   We've been friends since high school and we were able to be roommates in college. Jeni was always willing to see the best in every situation.  In high school she was in a car accident and broke her back, but I never saw her use that as an excuse not to do something.  I honestly can't remember a time when she complained about it.  I'm sure she had her down times, but she did her very best to give her kids as normal a life as you can when going through cancer.  She was an amazing mother.  She had a cousin, Rachel, who was also her best friend and she was killed in a car accident on her way home from helping Jeni during her first go around with chemo.  I know there is a a lot of family welcoming Jeni home but I think the most joyous reunion happening in Heaven is between Jeni and Rachel.  I feel so blessed that I was able to visit with her a couple of months ago.  As sad as I am that she is no longer on this earth, and as hateful as I think cancer is, I am so thankful to know she is free from the pain her limited earthly body and with our Heavenly Father again.  I love you Jeni.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Guest room re-do

Decorating our new home has been painfully slow.  Living on a budget is only fun when the credit card bill comes;)  Chris gave me a Home Depot gift certificate for Christmas so I decided to tackle the guest room.  Why waste my money on a room we rarely use you ask?  Well it was kind of dark, didn't have a very good paint job, and I hated looking at it.  Also I have such a hard time making a decision on paint colors so if it didn't work out I could close the door and try to forget about it. I chose Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray, color matched at Home Depot.  I really like it.  The room seems so much brighter and cleaner.  I love to look at it and I have lots of ideas of things I can't wait to add.
I thought I had a better before picture (like always).  This is one Chris took mainly to see the floor, but it works.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Chris 41.0

Chris is a sweetheart and takes the day off for my birthday, but he won't do it for his own.  He doesn't really like much of a fuss, which makes us a good match because neither do I.  I made his favorite dinner and cake, but he had scouts and the girls had mutual so it was a small celebration.  I sure love this guy!
The kids love to tell Chris how old he is all the time. I didn't have any candles so we recycled the ones form his 39th birthday.  It seemed fitting:)  He got that lovely lamp from his favorite holiday movie from Megan and Lindsay.  He's acquiring quite a collection of Christmas Story merch.  Chris will probably be mad that I posted that sleeping picture but it was too funny to me.  His nose is the only thing you can see in his cocoon:)

Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Years on the Strip

We had a great new years eve with family where I made the goal to take more pictures, then didn't take any.  Whatever, that's how I roll.  We decided that most of the new years eve crazies on the strip would be to hungover to come out the next day so it would be a good time to go out there.  I don't like to go to the strip very often so it's funny to me how much it has changed since the last time I was there.  I'm not sure when the characters started showing up, but there are a lot now.  We didn't get any pictures with them , because I'm not willing to tip for that, but it was actually kind of fun.
Top: Coca-cola world has a taste from around the world tray for only $7.  You get 16 little cups with flavors from different countries.  Some of them were really nasty, but it was really cool.
Bottom: 3-D movie at M&M world.  House built out of chocolate at the Bellagio gardens.  The Coke bear.