Sunday, June 29, 2008


I have a confession to make, I am a Blog-A-Holic. Knowing you have a problem is the first step to recovery right? I am addicted to reading blogs. If someone on my list hasn't posted recently enough I will check out their friends and sometimes even their friends. I was checking my friends and family's blogs five or six times a day just waiting to hit the jackpot of a new post. I would get frustrated with people for going more than a couple of days between posts (I know, you can call me the hypocrite I am). I was beginning to ignore all my household chores and it was even to the point that Dalin decided that turning off the computer was the best way to get my attention (what is my problem!). I will also go back to my old posts to rewrite things and/or add pictures. I am working on this vice, I won't let myself check the blog until Dalin is taking a nap, and I keep the laptop in my room so seeing it isn't a temptation, but sheesh it's a little on the pathetic side.
Because of my obsession I found a blog belonging to a family that lost their one year old daughter in a drowning accident a couple of weeks ago. She is in my brothers ward so at least there is only two degrees of separation (o.k. still weird of me I know). This women is a fantastic example of faith and love not only for her daughters, but for her entire family and her Heavenly Father. In this the hardest time of her life, this person I don't even know is inspiring me to love my children more and appreciate what I have. She posts every day and expresses herself beautifully. I am not brave enough to make myself known on this site, but I appreciate her nonetheless. I draw strength from her words. I don't know how to link to their site, but it is called If you go there be prepared to cry, and count your blessings.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Two year old check up

Dalin went in for his well-check and he is growing like a champ. I look forward to these visits because the doctor never fails to ask if "we've talked about the size of his head." He will usually go back and check Dalin's records to make sure his head size is consistent. I know he asks because there are health issues where a large head can be a sign of something, but I feel like he really wants to say, "It's a wonder the boy doesn't topple over when he walks." (Kidding!) It does make me laugh. Anyway his stats are as follows, height 34 in. (50%), weight 30 lbs.(75%) and head size 51 cm (95%). His head was above the 95 percentile last time so I guess his body is catching up with his head. He got to stand on the scale rather than lay down on the baby table scale and he stood up to be measured as well. He thought it was great to be so big, he was just smiling the whole time (a first for any of his check-ups). While we were waiting for the doctor I was telling Dalin what was going to happen so we could continue with our smooth visit. He thought it was funny and would open his mouth wide every time I said the doctor was going to look in his mouth. Unfortunately as soon as the doctor pulled out his stethoscope the freak out began. I didn't have much hope for the shot, but our clever nurse had a sucker on hand, so the crying was brief and he was happy to remind the nurse that he was going to get a sticker as well. He's healthy and happy and still my baby, no matter how big he gets.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


I can not believe our Kaylee-girl is nine! Time is flying by, but we are so thankful to have our beautiful and smart girl in our family! We love you Kaylee. Happy Birthday! (I know Dalin got more pictures, but Kaylee's younger years were before our digital camera. The baby shot is a picture of a picture, and I love this baby picture of her so I wanted it to stay still.)

Kaylee at 10 months, she looks like something Marie Osmond would sell on QVC.

Okay she's not really nine in the other picture, but it's close, almost.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Here are some pictures of our favorite two year old. (I know, I know there are a lot but hey it's his birthday and he is too cute!)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Birthdays Party

Because our Hafen cousins are continually expanding and everyone lives here in town, we've decided to have one combined birthday party for all of the birthdays of each month. So far all of the birthdays are right around each other so none of the parties have been really early or really late for anyone. Last night we celebrated Kaylee, Dalin and my niece Rachel's birthday. My brother Brian and his wife Natalie (Rachel's parents) hosted the festivities which is always fun because they have a fantastic backyard for playing. There was presents, cake and ice cream, and a blow up pool that was big enough and just deep enough for all those little people brave enough to handle the cold water. All the birthday kids got a pretty good haul of loot and everyone had fun.

Kinsey, Ashton, Rachel & Aiden

This is my nephew Lance, he loves to dress for the occasion. I think he was going for a Gilligan/Skipper theme.

Dalin loves balls, so he got a soccer ball cake and Kaylee and Rachel's bee is surrounded by flower cupcakes.

It was a little too breezy so I don't think these kids actually got to blow out any candles.

Dalin making sure every one gets some ice cream. He was chanting"heavy" the whole time he was carrying it.


Monday, June 9, 2008


Yesterday Chris substituted for Aiden's class in church. The lesson was on prayer and at one point Chris asked what it would be like if we didn't have prayer. Aiden's reply, "Doom! The whole world would be doomed! There would be tornadoes and earthquakes and hurricanes and fires around the whole globe! It would just be doom." So say your prayers people! For the sake of the world, say your prayers.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Skurr Cow

While we were in Utah we stayed with my favorite aunt and uncle Mary Lou and Jeff (Thank you so much guys!) They have a cow at the top of their stairs that really worried Dalin. At first he wouldn't even go past it by himself, and when he finally worked up the courage to do it by himself, he would scoot past it on his belly so the cow wouldn't see him. He would come tell me about the "skurr (scary) cow" every time he got past, so I could appreciate his bravery I'm sure. It was so funny.

Here's another picture from the wedding. Wrestling/fighting has become Aiden and Jayden's favorite passtime, and even in the midst of everything wedding Uncle Nick was willing to oblige.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Edwards

Nick and Kim with all of their nieces and nephews. I had a little stress because I had to make the dresses for Kaylee and Ashton and the tie for Dalin. Seeing how cute all the matchers looked made it worth it.
On Tuesday (yes I said Tuesday) Chris's little brother got hitched to a lovely girl named Kim in Salt Lake City. It was really fun to see so much family, especially Chris's parents who love in Arkansas and his sister who lives in Texas. I think it was probably the first time their whole family has been together for eight or more years. My kids are always so excited to see their grandma and grandpa Edwards and they have been hosting a foreign exchange student named Coleen, from Germany and they brought her with them. My kids took to her very quickly and they became fast friends. I'm sure if we ever visit northern Germany we will have a place to stay. The reception was held at a museum in Springville (about an hour south of Salt Lake) which was really nice. It was even better when we found a grassy area for the kids to play so I didn't have to worry about them accidentally breaking some $30,000 piece of art that we would be responsible for.

Coming out of the temple.

The weather was beautiful until about five minutes before the newlyweds came out, then the wind was fierce, just in time for pictures. Dalin was very concerned that his hair was getting blown, he kept asking for his hat.

Jayden, Aiden and Dalin. Aren't they so cute.