Thursday, November 19, 2009

The mind of a 3 year old

Dalin and I have been having some interesting conversations lately. Actually I can't really classify them as conversations because they are so random I can barely follow. Here are a couple of examples.

D: Hey mom, bremember when I had a baby in my tummy?
Me: Uh, no. I don't think that really happened.
D: No bremember last time when I had that baby in my tummy?
Me: No I'm pretty sure that never happened at all.
D: Bremember the baby in my tummy then I fed it a bottle and he drank it all gone?

Now I know some of you will try to take that as an announcement, but there is definitely no baby in my tummy. We weren't even talking about babies, or anything for that matter. See what I mean by random.

I've been watching my friends kids a couple days a week and they have a cute baby girl who usually takes a nap while she's here. When she woke up yesterday Dalin was patting her tummy then told me there were crabs in her tummy. "Crabs?" "Yeah when babies take a naps they get crabs in their tummy and that's what happens." I would love to hear the thought process that leads to these bits of random, but for now I just enjoy the entertainment.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Just some random photos. On elf bodies.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's the hap-hapiest time of the day!

I want to tell you all up front, I really love my children. They are smart and funny and pretty well behaved (for the most part). That being said I L-O-V-E bedtime! I am almost giddy when I call every one to prayer then send them off to their dreams. We have a deal in our house. If the kids have their p.j.'s on and their teeth brushed by 8:15 they can stay up until 9:00, if not they have to go to bed at 8:30. When we started I told them it was their responsibility and I wouldn't be reminding them of the time. We've been doing this for about a year and I think there has only been three times when someone has had to go to be early, and never all of them on the same night. Last night as I was listening to all of my children bickering over some video game, I looked at the clock to find that it was 8:18. I jumped up and found that none of my children had done their bedtime prep work. Chris thought I was a little too enthusiastic when I asked them what time it was, and totally unsympathetic to their devastated faces when they realized they had missed the deadline. Tears were shed and complaints of it not being fair were uttered, but once everyone was in bed they were asleep in less than half the time it usually takes them to fall asleep. Dalin, who folded his arms and resolutely and repeatedly told me he was NOT going to bed, was out in minutes. Sweet sweet bedtime.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


So you know our U2 story? Scalper ended up texting his address and we've been trying to decide if we should actually pay up, or cheat a cheater. While we were thinking about it (it's been more than a few days) we got another text telling us it was bad kharma not to pay up. I think we will end up paying, not because we are afraid of kharma but because we have morals or something. Dang our honesty!

Monday, November 2, 2009

In a funk

I have been in a blog funk lately, and really to be honest I've just been feeling blah about everything (I thought the holiday blahs weren't supposed to happen until December). I didn't even make anything on any of my kids costumes this year. That is the first time in ten years! Sad right? But it's okay I'm coping. Our lives haven't stopped so keep reading, there is an onslaught of posts to catch us up.

20 LBS.!!!

I'm not talking about my weight here. That is how much all the candy my kids collected on Halloween weighed. Every year we go visit our friend from Boston (who thinks our kids are wicked cute) then we go trick-or-treating in her neighborhood. It's only two blocks, but the kids filled up their buckets twice! I think it was a success. Now if I can just keep myself from eating it all.

Kaylee as Hermione Granger. She made a spell book and quill pen herself.

Ashton as the tiger/cat

Everyone was Kung Fu fighting! Aiden and Jayden were ninjas.

That is one serious superman face! Is it a conflict of interests for superman to wear spiderman shoes?

Oh Vanity!

So I'm ready to tell the mushroom cut story. Like I said I had an appointment for a free haircut. I was a little nervous to start out with because I figured the people giving the free appointments were probably new hairstylists trying to build a client base. The place had salon in the name so I was trying to be optimistic. Chris had an appointment right before mine and his cut turned out great, so I was thinking it would be okay after all. A few minutes before my appointment my stylist came up to me to tell me she had to do something really quick, but that she would be right back. I realized that she didn't speak very much english and I started to panic. I could hardly explain what I wanted done, how would I communicate what I wanted when we couldn't understand each other. I hurried and found a picture of something I kind of liked and showed it to her. It was supposed to be right under my chin, but she made the first cut on my wet hair right at my chin. Once the first cut is made all you can do is hope it turns out okay. It didn't. I didn't cry, but I was not happy and I made an appointment to get it fixed by my regular stylist.

Fast forward a week. After styling it myself for a few days I decided it wasn't as terrible as I originally thought. on the day of my fix it appointment I almost canceled because I thought I could live with the cut after all, but it was still uneven and needed to be tweaked a little bit. She tweaked it too much and now it looks worse than before. It looks choppy and uneven and I can only be upset at myself and my vanity. I'm going to spare myself and not put my own picture up, but to hide the tragedy I'm wearing my hair flipped up and it now looks like the mom on that 70's show (only hers looks better).


For the past couple of months Dalin has been taking a bowling class through the parks and rec. His cousin Scott and good friend Rylan took the class with him and it was so much fun. What can be cuter than a bunch of bowling three year olds?

Scott and Dalin returning their shoes. Too stinkin cute!

The first week the boys were really excited about the bowling. After that they just wanted to get through the game so they could pretend to play the games in the arcade.