Monday, March 5, 2007

Our African American Heritage

The other day Aiden was asking me what skin was made of and why it was different colors. I did my best to explain it in four year old terms and then he asked, “Well why did you marry a brown man?” I tell you all of our kids have taken a turn thinking Chris is black. Kaylee and Ashton used to think we should have a celebration in our home for Chris during Black History Month. I’m not sure how they thought he came to be that way, they don’t think anyone else from his family is black, but Chris has always wanted to have a Polynesian baby so if we can figure out how his parents had a black baby then maybe we can have a little islander.

Ashton and Aiden like to fight with their dad and Ashton had gotten herself caught by Chris so Aiden came to help her out. After they escaped Ashton said, “Thanks bro,” to which Aiden replied, “You’re welcome.” Ashton had to then go into her cool kid teaching mode I guess because she told him, “No, sis is the cool way to say sister.” Aiden: “Oh. Okay, sis.” Ashton: “No say you’re welcome sis.” Aiden: “Oh. You’re welcome sis.” Those two crack me up.

Chris reminded me of a story I forgot to tell about Disneyland so I’ll leave with that. They were getting on the It’s a Small World ride and Aiden was so excited he was practically dancing in anticipation, the song was making his bum dance. His enjoyment lasted for about the first minute and then he just endured to the end. When they got off the ride he said, “I am so SICK of that song and I NEVER want to hear it again.”