Sunday, September 20, 2009

One year older ...

...and 27 pounds lighter too, Happy Birthday to me! (Don't worry I know that doesn't rhyme) In April I decided I was not happy with my weight. Let's be honest I've never been happy with my weight, but April brought a sincere effort on my part to make something happen. When I started I didn't really have a goal weight, I just wanted to be less. When I started having success I decided that my birthday was far enough away that I could try and lose 32 lbs. by the time I turned 32. I am very proud of my 27 lbs., but there is a twinge of sadness that I was only five pounds away from my goal. Oh well I'll be 32 all year I'll keep trying.

I am not really big on my birthday, I don't need any fuss. I really don't mind getting older (although it is a little weird that I used to think people who were the age I am now were practically at the end of their lives.) My idea of a great birthday getting a new outfit and eating my favorite kinds of desserts. So this year it has been especially fantastic because I got try on smaller sizes and have them fit!

In other news, our primary program was today, and in my unbiased opinion it was our best yet. Maybe that's not totally unbiased since I wrote it, but I am always impressed with how our primary kids bring it all together every year despite our experiences at the practices. Our theme was "My Eternal Family" and our closing song was Families can be Together Forever. We had the congregation join us for an extra chorus. I was on the stand helping, so my back was to the congregation, but most of the adults on the stand were having a hard time getting through when every one joined in and I heard it was the same for the audience. There were a lot of eyes being wiped. It was pretty awesome.

I think this is my 3rd birthday. How clever is my mom to have made a Raggedy Anne cake! Forget the date on the picture (or picture of a picture) It is 9/20, but the year would have been 1980.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I guess this kind of stuff actually does happen in real life

Chris had some gift certificates so we decided to go out to lunch today. The restaurant had one of those claw machines (you know the ones with the claw that doesn't actually have enough strength to pick up any of the prizes) . We were sitting really close to the game and Aiden, Jayden and Dalin were looking at the games and massage chairs while we were waiting for our food to arrive. I looked over to check on the boys, and I saw Dalin standing by the claw game. After a second I realized he wasn't by the game, but actually inside of it. I guess there was some toy he thought he really needed so he climbed right in. While everyone else in the restaurant found it humorous I was an-gry with that boy. We tried to get him out, but the flap only went toward him and it would get stuck on his feet or legs. The manager tried to call the vendor to come unlock the machine, but he could only get his voice mail. Dalin wouldn't stand up because he didn't want the manager to be mad at him. I also think he was a little embarrassed when he saw the crowd he had drawn. Some people were suggesting that we break the door to get him out while others were taking pictures with their cell phones (they did ask permission first). After about ten minutes Dalin decided he really didn't want to be stuck any more. I was finally able to get him to stand up and scoot back far enough to give him a little space to scoot his legs under the door followed by the rest of him. Luckily it was before the manager decided to call the fire department. He was slightly traumatized and didn't want to look at or talk to anyone. After he had calmed down I asked him why he did it he told me "Mom, you forgot to give me money so I had to get the toy myself." It really was a prime example of how he's been acting all week. I wonder how he learned to be just like his dad at such a young age.

Ha-ppy Birth-day, Ha-ppy Birth-day

Yesterday our Aiden celebrated his 7th birthday! He opened presents in the morning, took cupcakes to school then we had a family party in the evening. The latest rage (among our seven year old boy) is Bakugan, and Aiden got his fair share. I tried to make a cake that looked like a Bakugan, but it turned out less than stellar but luckily the cupcakes I made with the extra batter were delicious. We had a pinata again this year and once again I went a little overboard with the candy. Unfortunately the pinata didn't make it through all of the participants, but once the fallen candy was gathered the rest of the kids were content just to hit what was left on the rope as hard as they could. Here are a few of this years favorites from Aiden.

Color(s): Blue and red
TV Show: Bakugan
Food: Watermelon
Pass time: play with friends
Saying: Dalin get out of my stuff!
Movie: Monsters vs. Aliens