Saturday, May 28, 2011

Spring Concert

Kaylee had her spring orchestra concert was this week. I tried taking a few pictures with my phone, but they weren't turning out very well so I gave up and put it away. About half way through the second of her three songs I noticed other parents recording the songs with their phones (yes I'm that kind of genius for not thinking of it sooner) so I only got part of the second song and the last song. I could hear a great improvement from their winter concert. Kaylee will tell you it's just because the songs were better, but I will refer to my professional audience member status and agree with myself. During one of the songs Aiden said, "This song seems so familiar, I just can't remember where I've heard it before." Dalin was sure it was "Follow the Prophet". I'm more inclined to believe it had something to do with the fact that Kaylee had been practicing it for the last five months;) Kaylee has loved orchestra and her teacher asked her to be in the varsity orchestra next year!

*I have been trying to add the video for three days. Hopefully I can get it up soon

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Take your child to work day

A few weeks ago (is that how long it's been who can keep track of time these day, certainly not me) after much begging and puppy dog faces, Chris relented to take the kids to work with him on "Take you child to work day". Ashton went for the first half of the day, and the boys went for the second part. Kaylee's English teacher told her they were going to do something important in class that they shouldn't miss so she went to school (they didn't do anything by the way). Chris works in the IT department for the state, there is only one other person in his office and he spends most of his day in front of a computer screen. Not a lot of glitz and glamor to show the kids. Chris being the innovative fellow he is gave them papers to shred, saved some boxes for them to throw in the crusher and let them race down the hall on a paper cart. Our kids loved it, but now they are pretty sure that is the extent of Chris's job. The next day when Chris came home Aiden asked him how many boxes he crushed that day:)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Teaching a new dog old tricks?

Today my sister in law Kortney and her one year old daughter came to hang out with Dalin while I was gone for a little bit. When I came home Dalin said, "Mom watch. 'Alia do nothing.'" Alia just looked at him and he gave her a goldfish cracker. Then he told me, "See she does tricks if you give her goldfish." I guess he was practicing this trick while I was gone because Alia was being a little cranky and Kortney told me Dalin would say, "Stop crying Alia" then give her a goldfish and she would stop. How do I get that to work on Dalin:)

Father daugter campout

Chris and the girls had their second annual father daughter camp out this past weekend along with their uncles and cousins and grandpa. I kind of love that they do this. There was the general campfire fun, story telling (I heard my three year old niece Kimball was the best story teller. Just like her daddy) and dealing with loud obnoxious neighbor campers until 3 in the am. After breakfast there was a hike and swimming in the freezy lake.

I'm proud of my brother Jordon, his daughter is only one and they stayed overnight

The start of the hike. Uncle Ryan was visiting and was able to come too

Taking a break. Cousins and besties!

Pinewood Derby

Aiden participated in his very first pinewood derby. Chris I mean Aiden worked on the car for nearly a month. When race day came they were both pretty excited. Aiden was sure, with all the research his dad had done on pinewood derby cars, hat he was going to win the whole shabang. I'm pretty sure every boy who ever races feels the same way. He may not have come in first, but he never placed last either. I think he still had fun and he got to have some quality time with his dad and grandpa which is what it was all about, for me anyway:)

Thanks for all the help Grandpa!

How cute is that cub scout!

My dad cut out a few practice cars, so Dalin made one too.

Love these boys!!


The nap I had this afternoon must have done me some good because I finally feel like getting caught up in the blogging world. We had a really nice Easter this year. Our Easter bunny is getting trickier and came Saturday afternoon and it took our kids a while to even notice that he had been around. The kids asked us to tell the Easter bunny to hide their baskets really well, and he certainly obliged. I like that he came on Saturday because it really made our Sunday more Christ centered. I decided to make the girls dresses this year. I've decided that I really like sewing, but no matter how prepared I think I am I always end up making ten extra trips to the fabric store and spend more than I store bought dress would cost. Not to mention the month long sewing occupation of our kitchen table:/ As much as I complain (and much to Chris's dismay) I would (and probably will) do it again:)

The crazy face pictures are my favorite!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Last month Kaylee was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society. I try to get her just to call it honor society, but it's NJHS or nothing. The candle ceremony seemed a little secret society-ish and the kids who were supposed to light the first candle had kind of a hard time (insert your own "how many honor society kids does it take to light a candle" joke here). It was a nice evening and we are so proud of Kaylee! I was involved in a lot of school activities because my older sister was, and I know it made all the difference in my school experience. Kaylee is the oldest child and grandchild so she has to do everything out first. I am so glad that she is such a great example for her family!