Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I wanted to wish Kaylee happy birthday on her birthday, but we were out of town, and when we came home the computer wasn’t working. But we are up and running now so HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAYLEE!!! We are so happy to have our beautiful, smart and talented girl in our lives. We love you.

We had the previously mentioned pool party for Kaylee the weekend before her birthday because we went to California on her birthday to see a Dodgers game. We left Thursday night so she didn’t get to go to school on her birthday, much to her dismay. We took ladybug and bumblebee cupcakes before we left to ease her disappointment of being out of town. She still managed to get up early Friday morning and open the presents we brought along. She got clothes from mom, a book full of random facts called “Uncle John’s Bathroom Book” from Aiden and Dalin, a charm bracelet and notebook from Ashton, and a shirt with a character called Homestar from a website called Homestarrunner.com that Kaylee loves to watch. Ever the diplomat she was thanking us all and she said, “Those clothes are super cute, but I love the Homestar shirt.” Later we went to a children’s museum in Santa Ana which was really fun. We came back to the hotel for a swim. We were staying in Anaheim, where the hotels were cheaper and in a less scary area, so we decided to leave two hours before the baseball game started to make the 32 mile drive to Dodger stadium. Two and a half hours later and 30 min after the game started we arrived in the parking lot. It was more fun to watch the kids at the game than it was to watch the actual game, but it went by faster than I thought it would so it was a fun time. Our tickets came from a site where people sell their season ticket seats. So here we were with our crowd of five adults and eight kids eight and under surrounded by diehard season ticket holding fans. Luckily everyone around us was very understanding of our many bathroom and snack runs. At the end of the game I thanked the couple sitting next to us for their patience. The women said she was a little nervous when she saw us all coming, but she thought the kids were really well behaved. At one point Aiden leaned over to me and asked if I would switch seats with him. When I asked him why he said, “I don’t want to sit next to old people.” It worked out ok though because when he moved then the seat numbers coincided with the ages of all the kids which they all thought was fabulous.

My sister-in-law has a cousin who works at Disneyland so on Saturday we were able to take the kids for free. It was a lot of fun, even though we didn’t stay until the midnight close time like Chris wanted to. The lines were much shorter than they were when we went in February and we had a park hopper ticket so we went to California Adventure for most of the day, which was even less crowded and I actually prefer it to Disneyland. I was really impressed with the kid’s behavior so it was a really great time. I don’t like to tell potty stories, but this quote is Chris’s favorite so I will leave with another funny Aiden story. I took the kids to a restaurant the other day and when we were leaving Ashton said, “We did really good no one even had to go to the bathroom while we were here.” Then Aiden said, “Yeah, my poo and pee have failed me, I haven’t gone to the bathroom all day!” I don’t know where that kid gets his vocabulary from, but he keeps us all very entertained.

Monday, June 11, 2007


Today is Dalin’s first birthday, and I can hardly believe how fast the last year went!! We rented out one of the public pools on Saturday and had a party for Kaylee, Dalin and their cousin Rachel since their birthdays are all in the same week, and because we have such a large family. It was the first time Kaylee has had a friend birthday party so she was very excited. Our birthday boy was less than thrilled with the pool and screamed his head off for the first half hour we were there. Luckily my sister in law is a former Baywatch babe (okay city of Henderson lifeguard) who taught the baby swim lessons and she was able to calm him down. He’s still not totally in love with the pool, but hopefully he’ll be okay when we take swim lessons this summer. Dalin was true to the first birthday cake all over the face tradition, thanks in part to his dad who kept giving him more and more cake. It was a really fun time. We are so happy to have our little Dalin in our family. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DALIN!!

Kaylee had a turtle made out of cupcakes.

Dalin had some Legos.

Birthday Boy and Daddy