Friday, November 28, 2008

This is what eleven years...

...and six days looks like. I know, I'm lame. But better late than never right? (right?) Chris and I spent the day cleaning the house to get ready for our out-of-towners and then we went to a fancy shmancy steak house for dinner comped to us from one of Chris's friends (I love free!) In honor of our 132 months of marriage I am posting some then and now pictures of your favorite muckus couple. (please excuse our pictures of pictures)

Our engagement picture and love at eleven years.

Wedding Day

My family is so fun!

I was trying to get a "romantic" picture, you know look like we're in love, but it was a little on the cheesey side and we couldn't stop laughing.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


As most of you know, a. This is Kaylee, since I say Mom & Dad, and b. today is my parents 11th anniversary!!!!!! Hooray for them!!!!!!!!! Like last year (or the was it the year before?) I have written a blog dedicated to their relationship. Ok, well really I'm going to get my Dad to help me upload pictures. Nevermind, I'll do it tomorrow.

Monday, November 10, 2008

London Calling

Did you know that the north pole is only a 3 1/2 drive from Vegas? Well the train that takes you there anyway. Three years ago my whole family minus my sister and two of my brothers headed to Williams AZ to ride the Polar Express. My dad thought it was so fun he made arrangements for another family trip this year and this time there was only one brother and two sisters-in-law missing (shout out to our Idahoan couple & Danette, we missed you guys!). The package included a hotel room, dinner and breakfast along with the train ride. There were 31 of us this time around and they did a really good job of keeping us together at meal time. There was even hot chocolate and cookies on the train just like in the book, and Santa came aboard to give everyone a bell. We even saw my uncle Brad and his family while we were there. We knew they had plans to go, but we didn't know it was going to be the same weekend. My dad even wore his pajamas and made sure to get pictures with all of his grand kids (oh how he loves being a grandpa!) It was a lot of fun, but not nearly as cold as last time so I felt a little cheated out of my North Pole winter experience.

On Saturday my brother Brian and his wife invited us to come with them to Lake Havasu, which was kind of on the way home. We went from 34* weather the night before to 81* at the lake. We visited the London Bridge (there's the tie in to the title), rented a couple of paddle boats and watched a radio control airplane exhibition. Chris and Brian really liked the planes, but all of the kids thought that was the most boring part. The kids were pretty wiped out and they all fell asleep on the drive home, even Kaylee who almost never falls asleep in the car. It was a great weekend and a wonderful way to start out the holiday season.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Because I'm a Dud

At our ward's Halloween party one of the primary kids asked me why I didn't have a costume. Simply because I'm a dud. Why has it taken me so long to post about Halloween? Because I'm a dud. Anyway here are some pictures of our little ghouls and goblins (or football players and cheerleaders).

My nephew Scott, isn't he the cutest Superman!

My brother Aaron and his kids came with us. (boys: Aiden, Kyle, Scott & Dalin. girls: Emily, Kaylee, Ashton & Abby) My brother Ryan's little girl Kinsey came with us too, but she was being a little camera shy.

The trick or treaters in action.

We only had about five more houses to go, but Dalin was done. He made sure to have a sucker though, or to him happiness on a stick.

Last night for FHE we went to the district to ride on the carousel. Some friends of ours gave us some tokens about six months ago and we finally used them. It was fun, but the parking lot was completely full because John McCain was speaking less than a block away. We could hear the cheering. On our way home we asked Aiden who he thought should be the president. He said McCain. When I asked who McCain was he said, "You know that guy he's kind of brown with a triangle face." I told him that was Obama, and he said, "oh yeah that guy." When I asked him why he said, "Because that other guy is kind of old and wrinkly, and he will probably pass away pretty soon and then we wouldn't have a president anymore."