Sunday, July 22, 2007

Pioneer Day

I know there are those of you wondering if this is the real, with more than one post in a month, but I think I am over my writers block. I wouldn’t count on this being the norm so enjoy it while it lasts. We had a pioneer day parade yesterday and the kids were able to be on the float. They were really excited about it until they had to wait in the hot sun for about an hour. The stake told us we should have the kids participating in the parade arrive at 8:15 am for the 9am start of the parade. Being the newly called primary presidency that we are we did as we were told. We ended up being the third from the last float and we didn’t even start moving until about 9:15 or 9:20. Our poor primary kids were so hot and sweaty, I felt so bad for them. They were all really good though and I was so proud of all of them. I didn’t hear any complaining and we learned a lot as a presidency for future parade ventures. After the parade there were scones and watermelon to eat and games to play at the park across the street from the church. We also had some local fire fighters hook up their hose and spray an area of the park so it was like it was raining. It was pretty fun but soooo hot. We were finishing up the games and Aiden asked when we were leaving. I told him we were going to go across the street to check out what was going on inside the church and then we would go. He said,” Oh yeah I think there is a wild party going on over there.” You know us mormons we love the wild parties, as long as there is green jello and Kool-Aid.

We went to my cousin John’s wedding reception last night, and I am really glad we did. It was really nice to see my cousin and his new bride and my extended family. My cousin sang a song to his wife that he had written for her and it was really sweet. I don’t think I have ever heard him sing by himself and I was really impressed. When it was over Ashton was really cute she was helping clean up, folding up chairs and cleaning off tables without being asked.

I am going to admit that I am part of the Harry Potter mania. I was determined not to read the series, but I enjoyed the movies so I finally gave in right before the fifth book came out. I am hooked. I am not fanatic enough to join the chat rooms of or anything, but I really enjoy the books. I am amazed at the talent of J.K. Rowling to make up this entire world, with so much more that she didn’t even include in the books. There are about five books floating around my family so I didn’t get one at the 12:01 release, but Chris decided he should go to Borders at 11:45 because he likes crowds and he wanted to see the crazies. He wasn’t disappointed. He said the parking lot was packed and there was no shortage of people dressed in magic robes, Gryffindor colored scarves and wands. He said there was even a guy with a video camera using his wand as a microphone interviewing people. I am quickly losing my resolve to wait on reading it so hopefully someone finishes soon.

Friday, July 20, 2007

On the Road Again

We hadn’t really planned on going out of town this summer, but so far we have been to California, Idaho, Salt Lake and St. George Utah. Tomorrow we hit the road again. My cousin is got married today and is having his reception in St. George. Next weekend we have a family reunion at my grandpa’s ranch. The week after that Kaylee will be baptized and to end our traveling season (I think) we will head back to St. George another cousin’s wedding. We always enjoy getting together with our family so it’s been fun, even if we hadn’t planned all of these trips. I was recently called to be the secretary for the primary in our ward and so far I really enjoy it, but I feel bad because I have been gone so much, but we will be coming home on Saturday for the rest of trips.

Speaking of my new calling, I really enjoy it. I don’t have to teach or do sharing time and I get to hear all of the cute things the primary kids say, (like if Aiden had to leave his home and go across the plains, fruit snacks would be #1 on his list to take).

Oh I forgot the big news in our house is that Kaylee got her ears pierced last week. I have been debating on what was a good age for my girls to get their ears pierced and Chris and I decided that if Kaylee was old enough to decide to get baptized, she’s old enough to decide to get her ears pierced. She did really well, and she didn’t cry at all. I was afraid that she might decide it hurt too much after the first ear was done and not want to get her other ear done, but she was a trooper and now she tells anyone who will listen about her experience. We usually get together with my family for Sunday dinner, but my parents are out of town so she hasn’t seen her cousins to share the excitement.

Okay this is getting long, but since I put it out there, let me tell you about my parents being out of town. My brother Jordon was released from his mission last Friday, and my parents went to Portugal to pick him up. They get to spend about two weeks in Europe, but I’m not sure exactly all of their stops. They rented a car with a GPS system, but they have learned that those aren’t always the most reliable. We got an email from my dad the other day, and I know the spirit must be with them, because if it had taken them any longer to find the mission home, I think my dad would have unleashed some American style road rage on the impatient taxi drivers of Lisbon. They will be home on Thursday and I am so excited to see my brother again.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Pesky Little Brothers II

On our way home from Idaho we were able to stop in Salt Lake for a few days to celebrate Chris’s grandma’s 91st birthday. Her actual birthday isn’t until the 19th but when you’ve had that many birthdays the whole month should be a celebration! We went to the park and had lunch and visited with Chris’s grandma, aunt and uncle while the kids played their hearts out. It was really nice and I think fun was had by all.

Aunt Joan, Chris and Grandma Edwards

The girls finished their school year last Friday, and I am so happy to have a break from making sure everyone is ready and out the door by 8:45 am. Chris thinks I’m funny because I’m always so ready for school to get out, but I’m even more ready for school to start again. We are trying to stay busy so the kids don’t get too bored, but when it is 104 degrees by 9:30 in the morning it’s hard to want to go anywhere.

I have another little brother story courtesy of Dalin. Aiden wasn’t feeling very well the other day and he had fallen asleep on the floor. Dalin thinks anyone on the floor must be there to play so he kept trying to climb and sit on Aiden. I had told him many times to leave Aiden alone and he did for a few minutes then the little sneaker sat down next to Aiden and started rocking back and forth against his legs to try and wake him up.

One last story, we were at Costco yesterday and we were getting ready to leave, and as usual Chris and I had gotten separated. Ashton looked toward the back of the store and said,”There’s dad I see his Jazz shirt.” I told her that wasn’t Chris, but she was absolutely positive it was him, until we got closer. “Oh your right mom, that wasn’t dad.” So we were in search mode once again. Ashton then said,” I’ll keep a look out for him mom, I have eyes like an eagle.”

Friday, July 6, 2007

Sad News

My mother’s father, grandpa Haynes, died last week. It was pretty unexpected and he will be sorely missed. My grandparents live in Idaho, but they go to St. George for the winter. While they were there he had a couple of heart attacks at the beginning of this year. He had excellent care though and he was doing really well, so the doctors cleared him to go back to Idaho at the end of May. Then the Sunday before last he was having a pretty bad headache, but he said it had gotten better by the evening. On Monday night it was back so they decided to take him to the emergency room. They found out he had bleeding on his brain and they put him in the life flight helicopter and took him to Boise to operate. They gave him some pain medication and something to help him sleep through the flight. When they got to Boise the doctor found out there was stem cell damage and an operation wasn’t going to help. They put him on life support until his family could come to say goodbye. He passed on Tuesday afternoon.

The funeral was very nice. I was very impressed with the number of lives my grandpa touched. My grandpa was in the navy during WWII so there was a 21-gun solute and a military tribute for him at the gravesite. At the luncheon following the funeral there was a video with pictures of him throughout his life, and as I was watching it I was sure he was going to walk through the door. He and my grandma had recently celebrated their sixtieth wedding anniversary, so I know it will be very hard for her, but she was being so strong while we were there I know she will be all right. He was a wonderful man who had a deep respect for the gospel, an enormous love for his family, and a great example of hard work. I was blessed to know and love him, and to be loved by him in return. I am thankful to know he is with our Heavenly Father and watching over his family.