Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ha-ppy Birth-day, Ha-ppy Birth-day

Yesterday our Aiden celebrated his 7th birthday! He opened presents in the morning, took cupcakes to school then we had a family party in the evening. The latest rage (among our seven year old boy) is Bakugan, and Aiden got his fair share. I tried to make a cake that looked like a Bakugan, but it turned out less than stellar but luckily the cupcakes I made with the extra batter were delicious. We had a pinata again this year and once again I went a little overboard with the candy. Unfortunately the pinata didn't make it through all of the participants, but once the fallen candy was gathered the rest of the kids were content just to hit what was left on the rope as hard as they could. Here are a few of this years favorites from Aiden.

Color(s): Blue and red
TV Show: Bakugan
Food: Watermelon
Pass time: play with friends
Saying: Dalin get out of my stuff!
Movie: Monsters vs. Aliens

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Jennifer said...

I had to ask my 7 year old what Bakugan was. Somehow even though he has never seen the show he still knew what it was.