Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Last week we were able to go to Disneyland. My sister-in-law had a relative who was selling tickets for a fundraiser so we got a really good deal. We had certtain dates we had to go so we decided to go the Tuesday after Presidents day thinking the crowds would be a little less. We were sadly mistaken. There were so many people and the lines were so long and a lot of the rides were down when we tried to go on them, but my brother and his family were there and the kids thought it was fabulous to be there with their cousins. I thought Dalin would love it because he really enjoys being outside and feeling like he gets to do big kid things, but he seemed pretty unimpressed with everything except the carousel. He loved that ride and we got some really cute pictures of him smiling his face off. Overall it was fun and we will probably go again some day, maybe.

Ashton and Aiden love to tell jokes, unfortunately all of their jokes start out, “Knock, knock. Who’s there? Boo. Boo who?” and then they proceed to tell a joke that has nothing to do with the knock knock joke they started out with. If I laugh, Kaylee let’s me know that it either didn’t make sense or it wasn’t that funny.

Aiden likes to sing his A-B-C’s backwards. It goes like this, “Z-e-t-e-e-f-g-h-i-j-k-l-m-n-o-p-q-r-s-t-u-v-w-x-y and A!” He’s so proud that he learned it all by himself and he thinks he is so funny. He and his dad think they are the funniest people they know.

Saturday, February 17, 2007



Ashton turned six on the 15th and I can hardly believe it. She fared pretty well in the gift department and we had a joint birthday party with her little cousin Scott who turned one on the 13th. The festivities spilled over to the next day when we went to Olive Garden (Ashton’s favorite restaurant) with Aunt Megan. Since Valentines Day was the day before I sent rice krispie treats instead of cupcakes for her birthday treat at school. Today I asked her how her class liked them and she told me they didn’t have them because she forgot to tell her teacher that she had brought a snack. So much for that.

My sister had a baby girl on Monday and now my parent’s grandchild count is even again, seven girls and seven boys. They named her Lacey Sharon Pendleton and she is a cutie. She also makes the fourth birthday of this week in my family, my dad’s birthday is on the 17th.

Dalin has been sick for the past couple of days. I thought we were all over our illnesses, but I guess it was just time to catch a new strain of something. The poor kid has a fever and he’s so stuffed up it’s hard for him sleep because he can’t breath. He’s still a sweet boy and he only gets really fussy at night because he wants to sleep. Hopefully he’ll be over it soon.

Kaylee went to a birthday party today and she came home a rockstar. It was at a store in the mall and they did their hair and makeup and gave them a microphone headset. They got to take home the makeup and pick a few things from the store; it looked like a lot of fun. We were watching the cousins when she came home so she shared her newfound knowledge and did their makeup too. My uncle is running for city council again and he passed out his campaign shirts today so all the kids were matching and they decided it was the look they needed to form a band. We even made a music video so look for the rock-and-roll-girls-band, sponsored by Andy Hafen for council, to come to a town near you soon.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Cool Kid Class

Chris is okay! The doctor went over the results of the CT scan with him and he didn’t seem overly concerned with any of the results. His spleen was slightly enlarged but the doctor said that was probably because he had been sick. He wants him to get another scan in six months just to make sure. There were a few fat deposits on his liver which is usually an indicator of high cholesterol but his cholesterol was fine. So he is in good health for now and we are very thankful. I didn’t realize how worried I had been until he told me the doctor said he was okay. I felt like I hadn’t taken a full breath until that moment.

Ashton has taken it upon herself to initiate a “cool kid class” to teach Kaylee and Aiden how to be cool. I’m not sure what the lessons consist of but apparently ten lesson have to be completed in order to graduate, (I’m sure I will be corrected on any of the details I may have confused). One day Ashton was taking Kaylee outside to have class and I could see Aiden following at a distance and then stop at the door to watch. I asked him why he wasn’t having class too, “I got expelled.” I don’t know what exactly happened, but the rumor is there was an incident during spy school.

The other day Kaylee and I were gone and Chris was going to take a shower. Dalin was just waking up so Chris asked Ashton if she would take care of Dalin for a few minutes until he was done. When Chris was done he went into the other room to put on his shoes and Ashton shouted out, “That is so immature, you guys are playing video games and you leave me alone to take care of the baby!”

I’ll leave you with another Ashton and Aiden backseat conversation. I came in halfway through but this is what I heard.

Aiden: “Grandpa Hal has a robot leg. Some people ride in wheelchairs and if they don’t have a wheelchair they break there leg so they can use one.”

Ashton: “I’m glad he has a robot leg, because now he has a wheelchair to give us rides.”

Saturday, February 3, 2007

I Hate the Flu!!!!

My entry from last week turned out to be overly optimistic. Ashton and Aiden were still sick through Monday, and Chris didn't go back to work until Thursday. The girls got a paper from school telling the symptoms and differences of the cold and the flu, and after I read it I realized that Chris pretty much gets the flu every year. I guess a flu shot wouldn't be such a bad idea for him. Dalin and I even succomed for a day or two,although our symptoms were fairly mild. This is the first time that it spread through our whole household, and I don't think I need that experience more than once in my life.

Chris thought he felt ready to go back to work on Tuesday, but he has a terrible cough so I made him go to QuickCare. He was planning on going in for the second half of the day but the doctor almost laughed at him and said he would be out at least until Thursday. He had to go to a family physician and they did several tests and sent him to get a CT scan, so now we're just waiting on results. From the questions that the doctors kept asking him it sounds like it may be something to do with his liver, I'll keep you all posted when we find out.

On a little lighter note I rhink Dalin is in training for the X games or something. He loves to get around in his walker, and I have seen him run and then lift up his feet so he can glide across the floor. He doesn't like to show off though, because every time I try to get it on video he stops.

Ashton and Aiden have the best conversations in the back of the car on the way home from school. I'll leave you with one I heard the other day. I don't know what Ashton had, but Aiden really wanted it and this is where I came in on the dialogue:

Ashton, "Aiden you can only have some if you say Ashton's cool and she rules and Aiden is a muckus."

Aiden: "I'm not going to say that. I"M NOT A MUCKUS!"

Ashton: "Then you can't have any."

Aiden: "FINE," (through clenched teeth), "Ashton's cool and she rules, and I am a muckus."

Ashton handed over whatever they were fighting about and a few minutes later, (I assume after Aiden had finished with it) I hear Aiden say, " I was just tricking, I'm not really a muckus and I'm the one that rules!"