Saturday, November 5, 2011

Because there's more to life than Halloween costumes

While I may have been consumed by costume construction, life went on for the rest of the family. Here are a few activities worth noting.

Aiden earned his Wolf and was promoted to Bear in cub scouts. They have a ceremony where the mom paints different colors representing different attributes. Unfortunately I was at work so Chris stepped in as "Mr. Mom" and sent me pictures.

Kaylee was one of only two students who made it to the Spelling Bee semi-finals for a second year in a row! She didn't make the finals but she did get further than last year. She had a kind of "been there done that" attitude which helped her have more fun than stress. She also reunited with one of her third grade friends, what a small world:)

Ashton went to the sleep over science camp with her school and she lo-oved it! I thought for sure we had taken pictures, but no. Unfortunately not very many of the pictures she took turned out either:( But, here is a self portrait with one of her good friends. Hopefully she can get some more from her friends.