Monday, July 5, 2010

Where have all the Edwards gone?

That's where.
We decided to take a trip to Arkansas to visit Chris's parents. Originally it was just going to be Chris, but we decided to make it a family affair. We went to help his parents put in laminate flooring (with a partial bathroom remodel thrown in for kicks and giggles). The drive wasn't bad and the kids were fantastically behaved. Chris's Sister and brother were there for a couple of days while we were and it was nice to visit with them as well. After the flooring was done we got to have some fun.

The almost finished product

This is the road Chris's parents live on, and the reason he thought we should spell Dalin's name with only one "L".

Old Mill park.
My sweet sister in law was going to take some family pictures for us with this beautiful park as the background. Unfortunately it was so hot and humid that within a minute of stepping outside we were sweating so much that I was sure our facial features were going to start sliding around our faces. I wasn't looking to have a Picasso family portrait, so we decided to do it another time.

The kids were so patient and helpful while we were putting the flooring in that grandma and grandpa gave them some money. Dalin used his cute face and his own money to get this package of strawberries for only $1 at the farmers market. We told him since he used bought it himself he didn't have to share if he didn't want to. He didn't, and he had eaten the whole box by the time we got back home.

Gettin' Piggy

They were supposed to pretend to eat the carrot, I don't think Dalin heard the pretend part.

Making smoke signals and petting lizards at the childrens museum.

Lawnmower rides were the hit of the trip


Besides Arkansas, we made a few other stops along the way. (I know how wimpy are we that we couldn't just drive the entire 23 hours straight:) Most of these pictures are from our trip home, we didn't stop to smell to many roses on the way there.

When we stopped in Oklahoma City walked through the Brick District, where our kids favorite part was getting some old fashioned glass bottles of soda. (Too bad I didn't take any pictures)

There was a Celebration Station (think Chuck E. Cheese meets Scandia) down the street from our hotel so we bought a pass for the go carts and bumper boats. The boats had sprayers on them and we all ganged up on Chris so he was drenched when our time was up, unfortunately (or maybe not) Dalin had decided to team up with his dad so he was a casualty of the battle.


(We're making "T" for Texas)
In Amarillo we stopped at Cadillac Ranch. Aiden desperately wanted to add his mark to the cars but unfortunately for him all of the discarded spray paint cans were empty.

We passed a water park right off the highway that we decided would be fun so we stopped there on the way back. It had slides, a lazy river, a wave pool and a half pipe type ride that scared the muckus right out of me. Kaylee was a little nervous to go down by herself so I went with her. I could not even open my eyes! I seriously thought we were going to go over the edge. Needless to say that was a one time trick for me.

Chris and Ashton on the "Sidewinder"
We also visited the "Big Texan". There were billboards advertising a free 72 oz steak (if you finished it in an hour) about 500 miles before we even got to Texas. Chris thought he would like to give it a go, but I don't even like seeing that much meat the first time around, and I knew we would be seeing it again if he tried so we just looked around and took pictures.

New Mexico

In Albuquerque we found a quirky little museum called Tinker Town. Then we had dinner at the Chili's next door to the hotel because my kids had been asking for it the whole trip (Chili's,really?)

The guy who built the museum suffered from Alzheimer's and he would insist on driving. To keep him safe his family had him turn his car into an art project. He turned the Jeep into a "Lincoln" by covering it in pennies.


We didn't do anything in AZ but here's a picture to prove we were there.

When we finally got home, Dalin walked through the door and said, "That's it! We are not going any where else! No more hotels and no more driving! We are staying home!" I had to agree and the next morning when I realized that I needed to get milk, the very thought of getting back in the car made me cringe.