Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Go Cougars!

We have the privilege today of having a slumber party where I get to hang out with 5 cool dudes (Our 2 sons Aiden and Dalin, and their cousins Scott, Kyle, and Jayden). So what do you do for fun with five boys under 6 years of age? Teach them the BYU fight song of course. I had to do this for those who are not fortunate to learn the song in their own homes.

Future Cougars


The Zoo Keeper said...

HAHAHA....I love that Scott looks like he knows he is doing something wrong!!!

Jessieksj said...

scott looks like he is in shock! hahaha. i am impressed you guys know all the actual words.

Shauna said...

And next you should have taught them the Mission Impossible dance--another key piece of BYU culture, right? :)