Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Aiden

Aiden lost a tooth just for his birthday

Can you believe he's EIGHT!

Families are Forever

And so, apparently, is the amount of time it takes me to post something new. I know it's been a while so let's do a picture review.

Ashton got on the honor roll

We went to Salt Lake to visit Chris's grandparents and mom and brother and the only picture we took was of a duck with a fancy hair do.

We visited BYU campus and the kids needed a picture with a cougar.

We had a family "retreat." We couldn't really call it a reunion since everyone who was there gets together every Sunday. Hopefully next time we can all be together.

While on our retreat we played at this super cute park with enough of a pool for the kids to have fu-un.

The next weekend my brother and his wife and daughter were sealed in the Las Vegas temple. It was a beautiful session, and I am soo happy for them

School started and Kaylee lived through her first day of middle school. Don't expect much of an answer if you ask her how she likes it, so far "meh" seems to be her standard response for that question. Ashton started fourth grade and Aiden is in second. The way the school is set up means I have three kids in three different schools. Luckily they're all next to each other.

Ashton got glasses. Being the stellar mother I am, it only took her eight months to convince me she didn't just want them because her cousin's have them. (No awards for me this year)