Thursday, August 6, 2009

No shirt, no shoes no service...does that mean pants are optional?

We were able to travel to Salt Lake this past weekend to participate in some Romney celebrations. Chris's grandma had her 80th birthday celebration on the 31st. It was fancy shmancy, but unfortunately we were unable to attend the party. Chris and his coworker are the only two that cover the computers of the state in the Vegas valley and his coworker already had the day off so we couldn't get out of town soon enough to make it to the party. I was kind of bummed because I like having a reason to dress up, but we heard it was really nice anyway.

We got into Salt Lake around midnight, but shortly after we got off the freeway we realized we had a flat tire. A flat tire is an inconvenience, but it was a blessing that it didn't happen until after we exited the freeway and we were able to pull over in front of a park, so the kids were occupied (even if it was midnight). A nice couple on their first date pulled over to help us. I really hope things work out for them then we can be part of the wedding story. "I knew I loved you when you showed that family your selfless service..." Really I think they were trying to impress each other and we made for a good story, whether a wedding happens or not.

The next day there was an anniversary/reunion party. Chris's grandparents are celebrating 60 years together this year, wich is pretty amazing to think about. Chris and I only have to make it another 48 1/2 years to reach that milestone, (2057 here we come!) The party was at a nice park and there was good food and good company. There were games, and Grandpa Romney's favorite, races. I've heard the stories about how he always made his grandkids race, and I can tell he was loving watching the next generation in his posterity carrying on the tradition. There was a cute little stream at the park that my kids loved, and I love that they are at the ages where I don't have to worry too much about them. At one point I was at the picnic tables visiting and I turned around to see Dalin coming up the hill out of the stream. I continued my visiting and a few minutes later I hear "Mom-my, Mom-my." When I turned around, there was Dalin sans pants and underpants. I don't know which was funnier, his nudity or my reaction to his nudity. I jumped up and ran over to help him redress. I asked him why he took his pants off and he said "Aiden told me to take them off so they wouldn't get wet." It took a while but I finally convinced him to put his pants back on. (some how Aiden had more authority on the matter than I did) We then went to find Aiden and get an explanation. Aiden said he thought Dalin needed to go to the bathroom so he told him to hurry and take his pants off so they wouldn't get wet. (I'm not sure he connected the fact that he was actually playing in the same water he was telling Dalin to pee in.)

We spent the rest of the weekend visiting with my Aunt Mary Lou, (who is always a fantastic hostess) and Chris's family. We all had fun seeing Uncle Nick and Aunt Kim, who live in Provo. The kids and Chris especially loved getting rides on Uncle Nick's scooter and they are now trying to convince me that a scooter is essential to their happiness. Unfortunately I forgot my camera so I didn't get any pictures from the weekend, but I'm hoping to borrow some from other family members soon. It was a quick trip, but it was fun to see so much family and the kids traveled really well so it was a success and to quote Dalin when he gets to the end of a book "Amen."

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Kim Edwards said...

I will send you some pictures as soon as I get them online! It was SUPER fun!!!