Thursday, April 26, 2007

Take your child to work day

Today was “Take Your Child to Work Day”, so Kaylee and Ashton went to work with Chris. Since Chris is the tech support for most of the state agencies in Las Vegas the girls got visit a lot of different places. They went to the governors’ office, sports, film industry, buildings and grounds and the taxi cab authority. They even got permits to be taxi drivers; it’s nice to know they will have something to fall back on. They got slurpees and ice cream and they ended the day on the rooftop of the office building. It was almost better than Disneyland for them. They started making a video at the beginning of the day, until the camera battery died, but the part I got to see was pretty cute. It was interesting for me to see because I hear all about Chris’s job, but I have never actually seen his office or any of the people he works with.

This is a conversation Chris overheard last night between Ashton and her new phone friend. “Julian I think you should only call here five times a day. Okay only two or three times a day. No Julian 100 times a day is just silly. Okay six times, and that’s my final offer.” She really is too nice sometimes.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Kid Cash

A few months ago we implemented a sort of reward system for the kids called “Kid Cash”. When the kids do their chores they get a kid cash and if they have ten they get to pick a prize from the treasure box on Saturday afternoon. This has worked out pretty well, although there is a flurry of chores being done on Saturday mornings (you gotta take what you can get I guess). This past Saturday Aiden picked a Spiderman wallet and he was so excited to fill it up with money. I have a mason jar that I put loose change in, and Ashton and Aiden found their own jar and started putting money in it as well. Oddly enough as their jar got fuller, my jar got emptier. After a discussion about not taking things that weren’t theirs we made a deal, and I let them keep some of the change. Back to the treasure box wallet, after Aiden chose it he ran to his room and dumped all of his change into the wallet and proudly showed me how great it was going to be to have a wallet. I told him that it was actually made for dollars, not coins. Seeing the disappointment on his face I suggested that we go to the grocery store and exchange it for dollars. Since they didn’t really earn the money I told them they would have to split the money with Kaylee. The grand total ended up being about $18.00 which was surprising because I took back over half of what they had collected. Now they are all about saving their dollars, but they are more than willing to ask me to spend mine.

Ashton and her friends decided to exchange phone numbers today, which is fine because in my experience when little kids call they talk for two maybe three minutes then it’s over. I obviously underestimated Ashton’s appeal. Her friend Julian called six times today! It makes me wonder if his mom actually knows he is calling.

The other day Kaylee was playing a video game where you have to get a marble through a series of obstacles to get to the goal. It was getting pretty intense for her and she asked Ashton to get her a paper bag to breath into to help her calm down, because that’s what they do on TV. She decided that it did the trick so now she and Ashton run for the paper bags whenever they get a little anxious about anything. I will leave you with a joke Kaylee made up today. What do you call a friendly alligator? A Paligator!

Monday, April 16, 2007

The County Fair

Happy Birthday (yesterday) Brandon!

We were able to go to the county fair on Saturday, and as much as I hate crowds and traffic, we actually had a pretty fun time. A guy that Chris works with gave us tickets and fed us, so aside from the sno-cones and cotton candy, the day was free. Chris has gotten pretty queasy in his old age so I ended up going on the swinging, spinning and/or flying rides with the kids. Kaylee was the brave on this time and she was determined to go on all of the rides. I think the rides swing higher and spin faster than they did when I was a kid, because while Kaylee thought I was holding on to her to make her feel better, it was actually for my own comfort. One of the rides we went on, (the Tornado), lifts you up in the air and spins around and you can spin the individual car that you are in as fast as you want. As the ride started and we were spinning I asked Aiden if we were going to fast, to which he replied, “No my bum thinks this is great!” Who knows when that kid’s bum became the barometer of fun? We tried to let the kids have a true fair experience by taking them to see the farm animals, but being the city kids they are they decided it wasn’t worth enduring the smell. You’d never guess they are related to farmers. We were lucky to have gotten there when we did, because by the time we left the wind was blowing so hard, that most of the rides had been shut down and the lines for the rides that were open were ridiculously long. So our timing was just right.

Dalin is getting cuter everyday. I hang a dish towel on the refrigerator handle, and Dalin loves that he can reach it when he is in his walker so he takes it down whenever he get the chance. The other day I was sitting in the front room, and Dalin comes zooming out holding the towel on his shoulders like he was a superhero. It was pretty funny.

For any of you who were following the Hafen for council campaign I have an update. You may recall that my uncle won by a slim margin. His opponent decided to ask for a recount, but the results were the same, so we are celebrating again. Then again our life is always a party right?

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Has it been that long!?!

I didn’t realize that it has been almost a month since I have posted anything. I apologize to any of our loyal fans, (at this point I think Kaylee is the only one). My excuse is our lives have been pretty bland for the past few weeks I just couldn’t think of what to write. Kaylee asked me the other day if I had written a blog lately and I asked her what I should write about. She couldn’t think of anything either, so here we are.

The girls have been on track break for the past couple of weeks, and they don’t feel like we’ve had enough adventures for their taste. One of the reasons is because Dalin had pneumonia at the beginning of the break, and I just didn’t want to take him outside if I didn’t have to. We’ve also been watching my nephew and the idea of taking five kids anywhere by myself is a little daunting so we’ve mostly stayed home. Luckily one of Chris’s coworkers gave us a Barbie car so the kids have been tearin’ it up as much as they can in our 30x15 backyard. Housing developments in Las Vegas, you gotta love it. Even if we ever move into a bigger house, I doubt we’ll ever get more yard while we live here.

Aiden has been taking a couple of preschool classes at the rec center, one of which is a pre math class that he does really well at. I was surprised because I’ve never really worked on anything but number recognition with him. Sometimes I forget how old he is. He could start kindergarten this year, but his birthday is only two and a half weeks before the cut off date, so we’re trying to decide whether we should keep him home for one more year. Aiden has also taken to translating for Dalin, and for a nine month old baby he has quite the vocabulary, according to Aiden any way. The other day Aiden told me that Dalin called him a smoked sausage link. Kaylee just reminded me of another “Aidenism”. We were in the car and he saw an older man riding a motorcycle and he said, “If an old man rides a motorcycle it’s called an older-cycle.”

Ashton is really a tenderhearted girl; she always wants to make people feel better. The other day we were driving home from a primary activity and Kaylee was upset about not getting something that the other kids had. After a few minutes of listening to a teary Kaylee, Ashton said, “Here you can have it, just stop the weeping. I can’t handle it when people are sad and I have to do something to make them feel better.”

My uncle just finished a campaign for city council. The polls closed at 7:00 yesterday, and around 8:00 he announced that he would be around for one more term as he had 55% of the votes. There was cheering and congratulations were passed around, and a lot of people went home. Around 8:30 the percentages were a lot closer (49% to 51%) and it turned out that he only won by about 170 votes. It was closer than anyone thought but he will be around for one more term. He had already served three terms when they put term limits on the position so this is his sixth and final term. Amid all of the crazy politicians in this country sometimes it’s nice to have some one you can have absolute faith in, so congratulations Uncle Andy!

That is all I have for now, but hopefully it won’t take a month before I write again! Happy day to all!