Friday, August 14, 2009


That's the beginning of the wedding march in case you couldn't tell. Last week my brother Jordon got married, that only leaves Austin in the single category which is kind of crazy. We are excited to have Kortni in our family. She is a great girl and after spending many hours decorating together we know she comes from a great family.

Jordon & Kortni with all of their nieces and nephews. Three of them are from Kortni's side, the rest are Hafen's. Notice Kimball trying to escape, it was kind of a theme for the evening.

Hafen nieces

Hafen nephews (I love Ericks face in this one)

I had to put this one in because there are no little kids trying to escape.

This is the best family picture we got before Aiden started doing bunny ears on the girls (what a stinker!)

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Shauna said...

Look how cute you are, Kristen! I love that picture of your family. What fun wedding attire. I love the colors and all the fun pictures.