Sunday, November 4, 2007

Who would have thought we'd last this long?

Happy Anniversary! Today is’s first anniversary and we are excited to still be around. When we first started I didn’t know how often I would really use the site, but it has been a lot of fun to go back and read previous posts from the last year. I can hear my dad saying, “aren’t you glad you wrote that down”, or “I told you so”, but I am glad we have our small piece of the web and I thank all of you who have read along.

Chris took his second test Friday, and when he came home I asked how he did. “I passed,” so I had to be more specific and ask what his score was. He got 1,000 out of 1,000 and all he could think to tell me was that he passed (and he wonders where our kids get their muckus from). So we are very excited for him and happy to know all of his studying paid off.

Last week Chris decided he wanted to see the house that I looked at while he was gone. I had pretty much given up on that house because whenever I had talked to Chris about it he made it sound like he didn’t really want the house and it didn’t seem very realistic that we would get it. Then last Saturday we went over to the house and he looked through the windows and he decided that he wanted the house. We’re still slowly getting our house in a condition to sell, but if that house is still available when we are ready, then maybe it is the house for us. We are kind of instant gratification people and we have been known to make impulsive purchases, so I am a little nervous that we might just be leaping before we look, but the house is really a great bargain so we’ll see how it goes. That Phrase seems to have become my mantra.

In honor of our one year mark, I want to leave you with my favorite story from This comes from our first post, but it still makes me laugh every time I read it. Our whole family had gone to the mall so Chris and I could vote. We took separate cars so Chris wouldn’t get roped into shoe shopping with me. When it was time to go Aiden decided he wanted to stay with me even though I told him we would be looking to get some shoes for me. By the time we came to the last store Aiden was done and probably rethinking his choice of staying with me. I picked up a pair of shoes and asked how he liked them he said, “Not…I mean good.” “Good?” I asked. “If I say not good you will have to look some more and we will have to stay longer.” He was only four and he already had things figured out.

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