Thursday, November 1, 2007

A Picture Perfect Halloween

Happy (belated) Nevada Day/Halloween! I don't know that it was actually picture perfect, but we did have a good day. When I was growing up we were always out of school on Halloween day because it was Nevada Day as well. My first Halloween at college was really weird for me because I actually had to go to school on Halloween. Even now Nevada Day is observed on the Friday before the 31st so it’s really not the same. Enough nostalgia, I did write a blog yesterday but when I tried to post it the whole thing was lost. Here is attempt numero dos and hopefully it will take this time.

To celebrate (or despite) our state’s birthday we decided to get family pictures taken, and no we weren’t in costume. We did see several other families who were, but that really isn’t my thing. We were able to get right in and I figured Dalin would be a little nervous, so I thought if the other kids went first, he would see that it was harmless and he wouldn’t freak out. I woke up from that dream pretty quickly. Dalin refused to sit any where accept in my arms and he was crying the biggest tears I’ve ever seen. The idea came to me to have him sit on a block, because he loves to sit on things his size. It worked long enough for us to get a few good shots, and looking at the pictures you would never know there were any problems at all. Kaylee, Ashton and Aiden did a really good job on their individual pictures, but they were a little too worried about making Dalin smile, and as a result several of the group shots we got of all the kids had Dalin looking at the camera and the other kids looking at him. I know I should be able to post pictures by now, but I can't so after Chris is done taking his tests I'll have him post the latest Edwards Family Photos. Maybe I'll sit in on that so I can actually learn how to do it as well. After we were done we took the kids to the donut shop where they were more interested in watching the donuts be made than actually eating them, but that’s not really a bad thing.

After the donut shop Chris went to take the aforementioned test. His trip to CA. was to get training to take a series of five tests to become a CCSP (I put that lingo in there for any of you computer lovers, a.k.a. geeks, out there). He’s only taking two of the tests for now, but on Monday he found out he had to take the tests by Friday or he would have to pay for them himself. He thought he had another week before he had to take them, so he's been a little stressed out for the last few days. He took the first one yesterday and he’ll take the second one on Friday. For all his nervousness he did really well, he got 988 out of 1,000. He always goes into these tests expecting to fail but he always does an excellent job. I am excited for him to be done with these tests so he can actually think of other things like oh I don’t know, maybe painting the house (hint, hint).

My brother and his wife and one year old daughter came with us trick or treating. Chris usually takes the kids and I stay home to pass out the candy, but we all went this year, and it was pretty fun. My niece held Ashton’s hand the whole night, and she even threw a fit at one point because her mom picked her up and she wasn’t holding Ashton’s hand anymore. It was pretty cute. Dalin was a little reluctant at the first house we went to, but after he saw the candy in his bucket, we could not get to the next house fast enough. I think the combination of feeling like a big kid and seeing his bucket fill up with candy made him feel like he was in heaven. He even said his own form of trick or treat that sounded like “eeeet”. The kids got a pretty good haul and we are all on a bit of a candy high right now.

You may have noticed a blog recently posted by Kaylee. She has decided she would like to write more blogs to help her practice writing while she is on track break. I really enjoy reading what she writes, because she does such a good job and I think she is pretty funny. Chris set up Ashton so she can add to the website as well, so stay tuned for all the latest and greatest from our budding authors.

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