Thursday, November 15, 2007

Helen Adams Edwards

Last week Chris’s paternal grandmother (grandma Helen) passed away. It was sad, but she was 91 years old and she has been in poor health for the past several years. I truly believe that she was relieved to be free from all of the limitations of her earthly body, and that she is having a joyous reunion with her husband and parents. She was the oldest of six children and when she was 14 years old her mother father and younger sister were all stricken by typhoid fever and sadly her mother and sister didn’t survive. A year later her father, weakened by the typhoid fever had a heart attack and passed also. She dropped out of school to take care of her brothers and sisters, so her family wouldn’t get split up. Her aunts and uncles eventually convinced her to go back to school but the children were sent to live with different relatives. Through it all she was able to stay close to her brothers and sisters and remained a mother figure to all of them. She out lived most of her family (I think there is still one sister), and Chris’s uncle said it was probably because she needed to make sure everyone was okay before she could leave.The service was very nice and the great grandchildren that were able to attend sang. Even Dalin added his part as loudly as he could from the back of the room where I was holding him.Even though it was a sad occasion, Chris’s sister who he hasn’t seen in over two years was there and it was a nice reunion for their family.

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