Friday, November 16, 2007

The rewards of Parenthood

I have been thinking lately how truly blessed I am to be the mother of my children so I have decided to devote a post to shout their praises. (I’m the mom, I’m allowed to brag once and a while) All of my kids are my favorites so I’m just going to go from oldest to youngest.

Kaylee is a wonderful oldest child. She was a dream baby and she has grown into a smart, funny and beautiful little girl. She is so responsible and honest. When she turned eight we let her choose if she would fast on fast Sunday’s, it is really hard for her but she does it willingly. She has been a great example to me and has made me want to better myself. She is also very honest. At school they have a program where they walk around the field during recess and after they’ve gone around a certain amount of times, they get a prize. Kaylee was walking with one of her good friends from last year. One day I asked her if she was still walking with her friend and she said, “No she and some other kids we walk with have been cutting corners and I didn’t think that was right so I walk by myself now.” I don’t think I was that upstanding when I was eight. She loves to read, and she will rarely go anywhere without a book. She often reads bedtime stories to Ashton and Aiden. I am so proud if her every day.

Ashton is the most tenderhearted child I know. She always wants to take care of everyone, and make sure everyone is happy. She is always willing to give up whatever she has if she thinks it will make some one else happy. She is the first one to comfort someone who has been hurt or had their feelings hurt. She is so willing to help her family, and she usually answers with an endearing “sure” whenever Chris or I ask her to do anything. She is so willing to try new things, quite unlike her mother, but I'm coming around. She is smart, and her reading skills have just grown by leaps and bounds in the last couple of months. She loves to be active, and she does really well at any sports she tries. She is quick to make friends where ever she goes, and she is a fierce defender off her brothers and sister. We were at a family dinner once and Ashton saw my seven year old cousin take something from Aiden. My cousin is really big for his age, but that didn’t deter Ashton from jumping up to get the toy back for Aiden. She was a little hard for us to handle as a baby, but she has more than made up for it with the wonderful attitude she has now.

Any of you who have read our blog know that most of our comedy comes from Aiden. He is funny when he doesn’t try and even when he does try, which isn’t always the case with little kids. He has this sly smile when he thinks he is being funny that always makes me smile. He is very mathematically inclined, and I love to watch him figure things out. He is so patient with Dalin, and he hasn’t ever been jealous of the baby. He was the youngest much longer than the girls, so he knew how good it was, but he has been great in sharing his things with Dalin. Aiden can entertain himself by making whatever he has fight. It is hilarious to watch him make his fingers and hands go to war with each other when he thinks no one is looking.

Dalin’s little one year old body is overflowing with personality. He loves to think he is big, and he is so proud of himself when he can keep up with the older kids. He too has learned comedy. He will do things, I know we didn’t teach him, because he knows it will make us laugh. I keep a jar with loose change on my vanity, and he will pull it down and shove coins under the bathroom door when I am in there, you know in case I need it. He is very sweet and he makes sure to give all of the kid’s hugs before he goes to bed every night. He loves to sing and does so as loudly as he can, even if he can’t really say any words yet. He loves to help Chris fix things. Anytime he sees his dad sit down on the floor he will back up and sit down on his lap ready to work.

I know that Chris and I are very lucky parents to have healthy happy and beautiful children, and I want my kids to know I love them everyday.

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