Saturday, November 4, 2006

What is a Muckus?

Welcome one and all to the first ever blog. Some of you may wonder what is muckus? Anyone who knows Chris knows he has a thing for unusual nicknames, and they are usually words he has made up. He has tried but failed to brand the kids and me with some of these names over the years, but one has finally stuck. It was meant to be a nickname just for Aiden, but has really come to mean whatever we feel like. For me it is usually a declaration of frustration (You muckuses are driving me nuts). To Chris it's an invitation for Aiden to come fight. For Kaylee it's her crazy dad, Ashton uses it to mean goofy, and Aiden just denies it is him (I AM NOT A MUCKUS!). Anyway it has become a staple our vocabulary, and overall a term of endearment in our family.

This website is a place to share a little of our lives with friends and family we don't get to see as often as we like. Chris has wanted a web page for a few years now an I am finally giving in. It's also so I can tell my dad that, when my kids say something cute, I did write it down. So I will leave you with an Aiden story. Aiden thinks he likes to go shopping with me, but after about ten minutes the "is it time to go?" question is put out there. We were at the mall and he had the chance to go home with his dad, but he chose to stay with me while I was looking for shoes. Before we even left the first store he had asked to go home about five times. When we finally came to the last store, the conversation went like this:

Kristen: What do think of these shoes?

Aiden: Not, I mean, good

Kristen: Good?

Aiden: If I say not good you will look some more and we will stay longer.

This kid is truly his father's son, and at four has already figured his mom out.

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