Friday, November 24, 2006

Best Buy Sleepover

Chris has become an after Thanksgiving sale-a-holic. Yesterday marked the second year he has stayed in line overnight at Best Buy. He left home about 4:30 and he said there were already about 40 people in line, so he's not alone in his insanity. I will admit that he gets really good deals, but I'm glad I have the kids as an excuse to stay home. I'm not a big fan of big crowds so he can have it. His brother Nick has been his shopping buddy and this year he recruited my brothers Brandon and Austin. They had snacks, video games and movies so I guess they weren't suffering to much. Chris will have to tell his stories later.
The kids and I went to visit my parents and my granparents were there also. It was nice to see all of them, and it was the first time my moms parents met Dalin. Speaking of Dalin, he is feeling much better, although he is still a little congested. When we went to the doctor on Wednesday he weighed 19 lbs. At his well check last month he was 16 lbs.12 oz. I forgot what big babies we have, but they are the cutest.
That's all for now, but we are going to teach Kaylee how to do her own blog, so we'll get the kids perspective on life soon. Happy day to all!

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