Friday, November 10, 2006

Election Results and Bad Hair Days

Our nephew Jayden's birthday was yesterday and he is now four years old. We went to Chuck E. Cheese and a fun time was had by all until iit was time to go. They stamp your hand and your kids hands when you come in so no one else can leave with your kids. For some reason the ink wore off everyone's hands so when we went to leave they asked the kids who I was and my name to verify that they belonged to me. Dalin had a sticker with a stamp on it, but my stamp was gone and he couldn't tell them my name so the lady asked if I had any pictures of him. Shamefully I did not. What kind of mother am I that I don't have any pictures of my kids. So today one of my goals is to get a thing to put in my purse with all of the pictures we have ever taken of our kids.
Well there was sadness in our home on Wednesday morning. Unfortunatelly Tessa did not win the seat in congress. She did however have an excellent showing. She got 47% of the vote and her opponent had 48%. Not to bad for a first time unkown candidate. Nine months ago I don't think any one really believed she was much of a threat, so congratulations Tessa!
Along with election day excitment, we had a little excitement of our own on Tuesday as well. Chris Always wants the girls to get their hair cut, and as I am the one who takes care of their hair, I always veto that idea. I don't know if he put them up to it, but about two months ago, the girls started asking if they could get a hair cut. I told them they had to wait until after Halloween, hoping they would forget. They didn't. They finally wore me down and I gave in. I even let them decide how short they wanted it. Their cuts are pretty cute, but it's hard for me to let go of their long hair, especially Ashton's. I just have to remind myself that it will grow back. We did have some craziness happen while we were there. Chris and I were watching the girls and Aiden was playing with some blocks in the front of the store, when we heard a loud noise and the window crack. Chris and I were sure Aiden had thrown one of the blocks and shattered the window. Upon further investigation it looked as though the window had been shot at. There was a small hole, and it smelled funny outside. Luckily there was tinting film on the window, otherwise I think the glass would have flown all over the whole store. We left before the police came, so we don't really know for sure what happened, but we are thankful that no one was hurt.
I have written more than I intended, so I better go. Thanks for stopping by!

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