Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dalin is 7!

We have this unspoken rule (or maybe it's been spoken often and loudly) about birthdays and holidays.  Do not wake mom and dad up before 7:00.  Yes Christmas is the exception.  Dalin followed this rule for his birthday, but he and Kaylee were up early enough to make a plan that included some booty shaking when Chris and I came out in the morning.  Dalin is a great kid and of all our children his personality is the most like Chris.  I think that might be why he had to come last, to give his siblings, or most likely his mom,  a fighting chance.  He started with presents in the morning, then a play date and lunch with his bestie cousin Scott, then ended with a birthday celebration for all the June birthday's in my family.

Here's the 7.0 version of the favorite's

Food:  Watermelon
Restaurant:  McDonalds
Movie:  Despicable Me 2
Show: Gravity Falls
Toy: Magnets/ Legos
Place: The pool
Thing to do at school:  Recess
Rachel (11) Dalin(7) and Kaylee (14 in 4 days)

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