Saturday, June 1, 2013

8th Grade Dance

I don't remember having a big deal eighth grade dance when I was in jr high but Kaylee's school presented her with the opportunity to attend "Skyglow" 2013.  Really Skyglow was the theme of the dance not what it is always called. I'm just trying to create an excitement for the event.  At first I was kind of against the whole thing (it cost $20, people were going as "couples", some kid even rented a limo) but Kaylee went with a great group of friends and even though her report was "it was okay", I'm going to translate that to mean she had a lot of fun.  Once I embraced the dance I probably got more excited than I should have and we went shopping for a new dress. Have you tried to find a modest dress for a middle schooler?  I tell you what it's a frustrating business and threatened to dampen my spirits.  We finally found one, and even better it was an excellent price.  The girls met up early at the school to take pictures and they were totally and unintentionally color coordinated! Cute huh!

Kaylee, Miya, Riely, Kyla, Lillian and Carly
I can never figure out why people think squinting straight into the sun is so great for pictures

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