Monday, June 3, 2013

Concerts, Assemblies, Awards oh my!

Because I have super fantastic kids (yes I'm totally bragging...and I'd do it again) the end of the school year requires a lot of supportive appearances on my part as a parent.  I kind of love that they really do their best and it's even better for them when they get recognized for it.

May 16:   Ashton's final band concert. She played percussion so  she got to do the drum, snare drum and bells (I call it a xylophone but I am not the professional) I know I took video but I can't find it.  I'll have to post it later.  She also got and award for being a great math student, but that was a luncheon during school so no pictures:(

May 21:  Kaylee's final middle school orchestra concert.  She has really loved orchestra.  Again there's a video...somewhere

May 29(am):  Dalin had kind of a tough year that included a lot of changes, but it worked out for the best because he ended up with this marvelous teacher Mrs. Rodda.  I kinda wish Dalin could have her for the rest of his life.  It probably wouldn't help his issues with change, but I might be willing to risk it.  This was her first year teaching at Treem but she had a parent volunteer that helped in her class whose child had Mrs. Rodda last year at a different school.  That's how great she is, she has a following.  Anyway he received the super citizen (or something like that) and his improvement was awesome and I am so proud of him.

May 29 (pm):  Eighth grade awards.  I didn't have a very good angle to get pictures of Kaylee actually accepting any of the awards, but she dun good!  Even better is her group of friends cleaned up on awards as well.  It's nice to know she's hanging out with some good kids.
With Mrs. Bennett.  I know Kaylee looks like she's trying to get away but Mrs. Bennett is totally her favorite middle school teacher.
With Dr. Welsh.  He started as principal when Kaylee was in 6th grade and left for a different position around the middle of this years second semester.  He made a special appearance for the awards ceremony and was greeted with cheers and applause  from the students when he was introduced.  It's awesome to have such a great administrator.
Brains and beauty!  These girls are going to take over the world some day
May 30:  Aiden cleaned up at his awards assembly!  I think he ended up with seven awards.  He was involved in almost everything Treem had to offer this year and he loved it.  We've also really loved his teacher Mrs. Smead.  She's a teacher we wanted for all of our kids.  She was Kaylee's 5th grade teacher and we wanted Ashton to have her too but she moved to fourth grade that year:(  Luckily we picked her back up with Aiden and she is still as wonderful as ever!  It was a great year for Aiden

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