Saturday, June 15, 2013

And Kaylee is 14!

It's interesting to have my oldest and my youngest's birthdays just a few days apart.  All of their birthdays kind of hit me hard.  With Kaylee everything is a first time and with Dalin it's the last.  Either way I feel old:)  Kaylee's birthday started out much the same as Dalin's, Chris and I being greeted by a little bum shaking.  For those of you who know Kaylee you may know that she is obsessed with very interested in Dr. Who.  This was a very Whovian birthday for sure.  She started with some family gifts which included Dr. Who t-shirt, converse, tardis cookie jar and her door decorated to look like a tardis.  She then went for a hair cut and style to look fabulous for her birthday lunch with friends.  After much laughing and eating she and said friends wandered the mall for a while before coming back to our house to "hang out".  (14 year olds do not have play dates.)
The case on my phone was causing my camera to have a red hue on all of the pictures...lame

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