Friday, November 26, 2010

A bakers dozen

On Monday Chris and I celebrated our 13th anniversary! We went to Mesquite and took advantage of their hotel/spa package. It was supposed to be a surprise, but Chris had been doing something to my phone so he checked my e-mail to see if it had worked, and he saw the confirmation I got from the hotel (oooh so close!) We had a choice of a massage, seaweed wrap or facial. Neither one of us are massage fans, and I feel claustrophobic if I'm wrapped (no I never tried it, but just thinking about it makes me panic a little bit) so a facial was our choice, or mine anyway. When we got there they sent us to the "quiet room" to wait for our appointment. We chose just to keep our clothes on rather than get a robe, but there were several old bodies in robes in the quiet room. Fortunately we waited less than five minutes before they called us out. The look on Chris's face was priceless as he went one way down the hall for his appointment and I went the other. I kind of loved it, Chris not so much, but for my benefit he told me he liked it. It was fantastic just to be with each other for a whole 24 hours (Chris even held true to his promise not to talk football with any of his fantasy leaguers). I love him and that he is my best friend and can still make me laugh after 13 years!

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T Rex Mom said...

I saw your comment on Jeni's blog. It's been a long time since we were roommates!

You have a beautiful family! I remember when you were newly engaged.

I'll drop by from time to time to see more photos.

And the anniversary sounds wonderful.

Jenn Alderete