Friday, November 26, 2010

A great heritage

After the soccer festivities we moved on to a family reunion with my dad's brothers and sisters. Most of them live here or in southern Utah, but my dad has one brother who lives in northern Utah and he and his family always make an effort to come to the reunions and I really appreciate that. It gives my kids a chance to know my cousins and aunts and uncles. I'm really terrible at knowing who my parents relatives are so I'm really happy that my kids get a better chance, even if they only mumble out a quiet hi. There was lots of food (we are Hafen's after all) some Bunko fun and reminiscing about our grandma and great grandma. Everyone told a memory, but what impressed me the most was how much my grandma's daughters-in-law loved her. They all agreed that they had the best mother-in-law. I knew she was a wonderful grandma and it was nice to hear she was fantastic to everyone.

My niece Abby and my cousin Courtlin. They are only three months apart. Aren't they cute

My cousin Trevon giving the kids a ride

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