Thursday, December 16, 2010

Grandpa Romney

Last week Chris's grandpa passed away (his mother's father). Grandpa Romney delighted in his family. I loved how happy he would be every time we came to visit. He loved to be kept up on what his grand children and great grand children were doing and he could tell you what most of them were up to. He was a lover of learning and passed that quality onto his posterity. He was literally a genius and took every opportunity not only to learn new things for himself, but teach us. He graduated from high school at 16 and had originally wanted to be a lawyer, but he tested to well and the military picked him and trained him to be a doctor during WWII. He always made me feel welcomed and loved. He had been in a wheel chair for about 25 years but he never let that slow him down. He was an adventurer and he loved to travel and U never heard him complain. We love him and we will miss him so much, but we are happy that he will no longer be limited by his earthly body and can be with our Heavenly Father again.

Ralph & Patricia Romney on their wedding 1949

Grandpa was infamously frugal. Instead of using air conditioner he would put nickles in the freezer, then stick them on his forehead to cool off. Here is most of his family paying tribute to that eccentricity.

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