Saturday, September 20, 2008

Thirty Something

There was a T.V. show in the late 80's called "thirtysomething" and although I think I may have only watched a couple of reruns, I do remember thinking that they were pretty old. I looked up the show on imdb (one of my favorite sites) and the actors really were thirty something (of course they are in their 50's now). Today I turn 31. I am officially in my thirties, and it's wierd. My sister-in-law and I were talking and we had to wonder when did we start catching up to the age we used to think was old? I do not feel old enough to be thirty-one, but the stats seem to support that fact (married almost eleven years, four kids, a mortgage, etc. etc.)

Chris has been going to school a couple of times a week and working alot of over time lately so I have had zero alone time. So for my birthday I told him I was going to go shopping and I would be gone for a very long time (it ended up being over four hours). It was so fantastic! I didn't even buy that much, but the fact that I was out by myself with no pressure to go home and relieve Chris was marvelous. I didn't have to convince any one to stay in the stroller or get any one out of the racks of clothes or chase anyone down the aisle or coerce good behavior with a bribe or listen to complaints of being at the store to long. It was as good as a spa day for me! I spent like an hour just trying things on, because I could! It made me happy all day.

The kids cleaned their rooms for their present to me which was what I really wanted. The girls also gave me a pillow that they made themselves, and Aiden gave me a home made rain cloud made out of cotton batting filled with water. I also got a lot of birthday wishes from my family as well. We went to dinner and had Cold Stone ice cream (my favorite) instead of cake. It was a really great day and just what I needed.

The pillow and "rain cloud". You can't really see it in the picture, but Kaylee even stitched mom on the pillow:)


Kaylee said...

Actually, your sewing machine was broken, so I had to use a needle and thread. Took me ALL day. Especially since I was at Preston's party for like two hours.

The Zoo Keeper said...

Happy Birthday Kristen! Love the gifts how cute it that!!?? Welcome to the 30 something least we get to hang here for a while before we enter the 40 something club! Ahhh!!!

susan said...

Happy Birthday to my wonderful daughter, With my kids being in the 30 something club I will have to stop being 49 pretty soon, What great gifts you got kudo to Kaylee for sewing and how orginal of Aiden to think of a rain cloud and then actually make one.Happy birthday again.

Shauna said...

Do you remember us thinking that Lane (that guy Natalie dated for a while when we lived south of campus) was "so old"? And I thought Alan Smith was so old, too. What were they, what, like 23 or 24? It makes me laugh now that I'm almost 10 years older than that and think 23 year olds are still babies. Happy belated birthday. I'm glad you got some alone time. That does a mother good once in a while.