Thursday, September 11, 2008


In honor of our favorite six year old here are a few of our favorite pictures of Aiden.

Aiden and Jayden have been buddies from the beginning. I know, Aiden looks ginormous next to Jayden. We used to call him Aiden square pants, he was seriously shaped like a brick. (Aiden 2 1/2 months Jayden 2 weeks)

I love this one because Aiden's expression is the same as Cookie Monster's.

Before and after. This is what happens when I leave Chris alone with the babies.

Check out the water action on this one!

Sound asleep with sucker still in hand.

Aiden loves to take pictures of everything, but his favorite subject is himself. We have plenty of close-ups of this boy.

Rocket pinata and cake the day before his birthday. The cake says "Aiden 6.0" can you tell his dad is a computer geek?

We had a family party the day before his actual birthday because there was a school fund raising night at Chuck E. Cheese and for the sake of the parents I didn't want to ask everyone to come to a building full to capacity of little kids. I seriously think the fundraiser nights are the main reason Aiden even wanted to go to kindergarten. He was so excited that his first one was on his birthday. I forgot to bring my camera so I didn't get any pictures from his birthday day, but they didn't sit still for more than a couple of seconds so it didn't really matter. A happy coincidence was that my brother Brandon was in town for last night on his way home from a job interview in Arizona so he was able to come to the party. Happy birthday Aiden, we sure love you!


Megan said...

Happy Birthday Aiden! Looks like you had a really fun party. You're getting taller everytime I see you!

*CaRoLyN* said...

Oh my sweet freakin' gosh that is the raddest cake ever. I'm dying laughing here!

carly said...

Happy Birthday Aiden! Those pictures are SO cute, Kristen!!

The Zoo Keeper said...

Happy Birthday Aiden ..I can't believe he is 6...What happen to the "little boys"??

Natalie, Brian, Rachel, Erick said...

Once again kudos on the darling cake Kristen! How do you do it? I am glad you posted the pictures so I feel like I was right there in the pinata action!