Monday, September 15, 2008

Kids are Funny!

I know all I do is talk about my kids, but really they are more interesting than I am. Here are some of the tidbits from the Edwards abode.

Kaylee, Ashton and I were shopping one day and Kaylee kept pushing all of the clothes back on the rack. When I asked her to stop she said, "I'm doing the store a favor. When I push the stuff back it looks like there isn't as much and people will think they need to hurry and buy it before it's all gone." I love when I get to hear her thought processes.

This is from about four years ago. I found it when I was going through some old e-mails and I didn't want to forget about it again. It just makes me smile. One morning when Ashton was three I was telling her to hurry and finish her breakfast because we had things to do. Her response, "What things, like sing, laugh, dance, play." Yes those are things we should all do.

Okay this one I actually wrote about in another post last year, but just the thought of it makes me chuckle so I will share again. I was in charge of our primary program last year, so I was sitting on the stand to help any one who might need it. As the program was progressing Aiden came up to me to tell me something I couldn't understand, so I quickly shooed him back to his seat. Minutes later he came up to me again whispering what I'm sure he thought was important, but I still couldn't understand what he was saying so I sent him back to his seat again. He started crying a little and I thought it was because I had sent him back to his seat. He came back a third time and I finally understood him. He said, "You told me you would make me some toast before we came to church and you never did!" That one still cracks me up.

Last week while trying to get the kids ready for school and out the door I was feeling very frustrated. On my way out to the car I said, "You guys need to hurry up, you are going to make my head explode!" I then picked up Dalin and headed for the car. He kept looking at my head then told me, "No it not. Your head not splode." Too funny!

Last but not least, my nephew Jayden was staying with us this past weekend and he is a little on the skinny side (that boy is always on the go, I wish I had his metabolism!). He was having dinner and he didn't want to eat very much and I asked if he remembered that we talked about how he needs to get some meat on his bones. He turned to me and said, "What about you Kristen, you need get some meat for your bones!" Oh how I wish that was the case kiddo!


Anonymous said...

How cute. I love little kid sayings.

Shauna said...

The kids quotes. It's what makes blogging all worthwhile.