Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cousin Shopping

No we weren't shopping for new cousins, (don't worry, I knew that was a lame joke before I even typed it. I couldn't help myself:) we did have our second annual girls only back to school shopping trip. The cousins always have a fun time when they are together no matter what they are doing, but they enjoy it even more when they get matching outfits out of the deal. There was an overload of all things Hannah Montana, High School Musical and Camp Rock. My kids didn't get any of the paraphernalia but I am amazed at all of the stuff they put these teeny-bopper heart throbs on.

Not to be outdone the boys got together to have their own fun at the movie theater. Chris took Aiden and Dalin to see Star Wars Clone Wars and they were joined by a few of their uncles and cousins as well. It was the "best movie ever!" according to Aiden, and I heard that Dalin even sat still to watch it, until he fell asleep.

I finally bring my camera with me, and I only took one picture. I guess I'm not a blog professional yet.


C.A.L.L.L.L. said...

What pretty girls! You moms are going to have to beat the boys back with a stick in the not-too-distant-future.

Natalie, Brian, Rachel, Erick said...

I am glad that you remembered our trip can now be called the second annual, since we have had our first inagural shopping adventure!

The Zoo Keeper said...

we had so much fun! next time we need to stay out long enough to go out to dinner too!!!