Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Talent Show and Honor Roll

On Monday Ashton had a talent show at her school. One of the first grade teachers had her class do Micheal Jackson's Thriller dance. That one was pretty funny. Ashton's teacher had her class do a dance to "We're all in this Together" from High School Musical. Ashton also sang a solo, "Stick to the Status Quo" also from High School Musical. I was very impressed because I know I never would have had enough courage to do that when I was her age, I still don't.

Wednesday we went to Kaylee's school for her honor roll assembly. They give out dog tags to the kids who make the honor roll, and today they handed out a special green tag to those students who made the honor roll all three times during the year. Kaylee got a certificates for making the "A" honor roll for this term and through the whole year. She also got another award that we didn't expect, student of the year for her class!! (Hooray! Woo Woo! Yea!) We are so proud of her!

The pictures I took at the actual assembly turned out really dark, so we had to settle for an after the fact picture at home.


Katrina said...

Great job girls!!!

susan said...

way to go Kaylee for being such a good student, and Ashton for singing a solo. love Gramma

Lowell Hafen said...

Ashton, you are so brave and talented. Keep up the good work.

Kaylee, I am proud that you did an excellent job at school. That is really an important thing.

Love, Grandpa Hafen