Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Milagro de Milagros

This is a phrase my dad likes to use, and sometimes things just sound better in Spanish. Dalin is now officially off the pacifier! Woo Hoo! The day after the pasu post we accidentally left our last known pacifier at my brothers house. Dalin was tired enough, that when he asked for it at bed time and I told him I would go look for it, he believed me. He was asleep within five minutes. He does ask for it at least once a day, but his requests are not accompanied by a full blown tantrum like they have been in the past. So my goal to ween him before Chris came home was accomplished! I have to be careful about letting him see the blog though, because if he sees the picture of him with it he misses it and gets a little whiny.

Another small miracle in the Edwards household is our kids are doing the dishes on a consistent basis! Woo Hoo x2! Years ago, after what I'm sure was a frustrating day for my mom, my dad asked what he could do to help. She said if he would do the dishes it would help a lot. That is the day the kids started doing the dishes. Now that I am a mom, I completely appreciate how this little service can make me so much happier (or nicer). They earn kid cash, the amount depends on how many times we have to ask them and how quickly they get done. Dalin loves to help too! So I am getting the help I need and the kids are learning some life skills. Win, win.

On a side note I've really enjoyed our kid cash system, it has really worked well for us. The kids know they can get more if they do their chores, and it can be taken away if they are misbehaving. The current exchange rate for is 10=$1, it seems to work better than toys from the treasure box because they never really play with their toys more than twice, three times tops. They think it's cool that they can have their own money, but they are kind of cheapskates when it comes to spending it. If their parents are buying it's a different story entirely. It makes them think twice about what they really want. Woo Hoo x3!

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The Zoo Keeper said...

wooooohooo!!!way to go Dalin!
Soon your kids really will be able to tend themselves so we can go on vacation!