Friday, August 15, 2008

How cool is that!

I've had this flier stuck on my bulletin board for maybe a year or two, and today we finally took the Chevys tour. The brochure outlines a tour of the kitchen followed by the kids making their own taco. When we got there we were seated at some tables and they gave the kids some dough to play with, then we were given chips and salsa and drinks. After a while we went into the kitchen. There were 15 kids and six adults so we split up into two tour groups (boys & girls). It was interesting enough, but big hit with the group I went with was the ice. The guide said she had never gotten a "wow" for the ice machine before, but the girls loved it. After the tour they brought each of the kids their own plate of quesadillas, fries and an orange and a couple of plates of chicken quesadillas for the adults. I know this doesn't sound so fabu, but the kids liked it, it was inside out of the heat and it was FREE! My kids were a little disappointed that they didn't get to make tacos, but they got a whole lunch for free so I wouldn't let them complain.

*My sister-in-law who also went on the tour was faster to post about it and smart enough to bring a camera, so if you'd like to see pictures you can check out her site here.


The Zoo Keeper said...

Thanks for the invite! we had a great time!!

Karen said...

Can you tell me where the Chevy's is that you went? I would love to do that with my kids/friends. Sounds great, especially the free part.