Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pioneer Day Parade

On Saturday our stake hosted a tri-stake pioneer parade. It is no where near the Utah celebrations, but my kids still love it. Now that they are getting older, and I don't have to carry little people around as much, I am enjoying it a little more myself. This year my brother Aaron brought his kids, so it was even more fun. After the parade there was a breakfast of pancakes, watermelon, juice and milk. There was also games to play and prizes to be won. the church is across the street from the park and behind the church there is a fire station. The firemen are always a big hit in the parade, and the kids love them even more when they hook up the fire hose to the hydrant by the church and spray the entire park. I was waiting in a game line with Dalin when the water started. I was in the middle of the park so I thought I would be safe, but no such luck. I got drenched and the water not only reached me, but it sprayed across to the far side of the park. There was a game where you could win a shirt and Kaylee and Ashton and their cousins Emily and Abby thought it would be cool if they could all win matching shirts. You had to try and make two rings on some soda bottles to win said shirts and I think between the four girls they probably played 60 times, but they each ended up with a shirt so happiness abounded.

Scott decided this was the best way to watch the parade when people started spraying the crowd with water guns.

Abby, Scott, Aiden, Emily, Ashton, Kaylee

This was the ice river walk. I think all of the kids tried it, but we ran out of space on our camera so we didn't get a picture of all of them. Dalin thought he wanted to try, but changed his mind when he put his foot on. Then decided it might be alright if he walked with Ashton, I think he took two steps then stuck his feet out in front of him and Ashton had to carry him across. She would have been a great pioneer.

Scott and Dalin trying out to be cow hands.

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The Zoo Keeper said...

I will not miss that next year....oh, maybe I will.... Can you take 6 kids ANYWHERE???