Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Some things I've learned...or maybe I already knew.

Chris is in San Francisco for training this week and here are a few things I've learned while he has been gone.
  • If you wake up your kids at 5 am to take your husband to the airport, they will not go back to sleep when you get home, but they will be tired and cranky for the rest of the week. (Yes it's only Tuesday, but I know this statement will be just as true on Sat. when Chris comes home)
  • We actually get to church on time when Chris isn't here. (This has been proven time and again so don't let Chris tell you any different.)
  • If there are police cars at the neighbors house don't let your husband spread grass seed on the lawn so he'll have an excuse to be outside to find out what is going on. A lot of stupid birds will eat said seeds and then poop all over your walk way to show their appreciation.
  • I could make spaghetti every night for dinner and my kids (or most of them) won't even mind, in fact they will probably like it!
  • I actually like to mow the lawn (one of the benefits of having so many brothers is that I never had to mow the lawn when I was a kid. This probably wouldn't be a truth if I had.)
  • Bed time is my favorite time of the day! (By bed time I mean the time when the kids have used up all of their excuses to come out of their rooms and they have to stay in bed.)
  • Because I am lacking any really good skills (you know like nunchuk skills, bow hunting skills or computer hacking skills) I try to be as self sufficient as I can when Chris is gone. I think I need to prove to myself that I can do things.
  • We really miss Chris when he's gone and we are so happy when he comes home!


The Zoo Keeper said...

you are a great wife and if you find a class on how to improve your nunchuk skills , let me know and I will sign up with you!!!

Janelle said...

My long lost birthday buddy KRISTEN!!! I have missed you!!!
Your family is truly adorable!!