Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Dentist

I have to wonder what kind of person it takes to go into a profession where you know people dread coming to see you? I know the money is good and all, but I would think it would start to hurt your feelings after a while. Kaylee and Ashton had their long over due check-ups and Aiden had to get a crown put on a tooth. The girls got a clean bill (thank goodness), but a reminder to floss more often. Aiden is a bit (or a lot) of a wimp when it comes to the dentist. He can't even get through a teeth cleaning with out a lot of tears and even more gagging. To get him ready for his dental work today he had to have a special drink an hour before his appointment to make him sleepy and calm. The only catch, he thought the drink tasted bad and he wouldn't take it. It took myself, two hygienists and Dalin half an hour to get him to drink two ounces of the stuff, and it wasn't without a river of tears. I think Dalin was only in it for the sticker. I thought we were all good once he was called back, but when he came out the hygienist told me that he had moved his hand suddenly and the dentists tool slipped resulting in a cut lip. We were lucky it didn't go all the way through his lip, or so I was told. At least we are safe for another six months.
The gash on his lip makes it hard for him to smile, and the video game on the T.V. makes it hard for him to look at the camera.


Anonymous said...

This is shocking, your Dentist must be trying to buy a boat on Aiden's mouth-because we know he has never had a bit of candy!!

Anonymous said...

I hate the dentist too. Because I am a big baby.

Mandy and Jason said...

Kristin, I have a brother in law who is in dental school right now. He seems like a realitively normal person, so I don't know what it takes. My sister (his wife) said I know why... good money and good hours... and you get called "doctor." So, I guess certain people can get over that fact that they will never "want" to see you at your job... but they get over it for some really good reasons. Tell Aiden to make up a good story about how his lip "actually got cut".