Friday, May 16, 2008

Roatan Honduras

Our third port was in Honduras. I was a little surprised when I heard that this was one of our stops because when I think of vacation destination Honduras doesn't exactly spring to mind. Roatan is an island of Honduras and we actually had reservations to go to a private island about five minutes from where we were docked. It was beautiful. It was a little resort type getaway and it was so clean and well maintained. There was a wall that must have marked the property line because just past that wall there was a lot of trash and the beach wasn't nearly as nice. Chris, my brother and I decided to go snorkeling while my sister-in-law, who is not a fan of fish touching her, relaxed on the beach and read a book. The snorkeling was fantastic, but I'm not a very strong swimmer so I didn't really want to go out to far. The reef was really high, and hard to get past without touching (we were told not to touch it because the oil from our hands would kill the coral and ruin the entire ocean and our eco system would fail and it would be all our fault, or something like that) so I came in after about an hour and hung out on the beach with Natalie. After about another hour, Chris and Brian came back up and we all went up to enjoy the pool and restaurant that we had access to. Chris and Brian headed back to the ocean for another hour while Natalie and I chatted. It was so relaxing, I really loved it! This was the first time in four months that the ship had stopped at this port because of a hurricane and there were only about twenty tourists on the island during what was the busy time. I hope business picks up for them, because it really was fantastic. We didn't explore the city at all, and Chris found some great shells for souvenirs on the beach we were at so we didn't even have to do any shopping, much to Chris's relief I'm sure.

Isn't that place pretty!

On the beach

Chris took this one of himself I think

You can see how high the reef is (that's me by the way).

Chris thought I was a wuss for not wanting to sit in this tree after we climbed it, but it was covered in ants

A nice little swing on the beach

Chris got pretty nasty cuts on his foot and legs from the coral.

this is where we got into the water to snorkle.

Hanging out... the pool

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