Sunday, May 18, 2008

Home again , Home again Jiggity Jig

These towel buddies greeted us every night.
We knew it couldn't last forever, but that didn't make it any easier to give up other people making my bed, cleaning my room and serving my meals. The boat returned to Florida at seven in the morning, but to make debarking less congested the passengers are separated into different zones and "invited" to leave the ship at different times. We were in zone ten so we figured we had time to go to the dining room for breakfast. After we were done we went back to our rooms to wait for our invitation. After we had been back for about 45 minutes I decided to ask how much longer it would be before zone ten was called. Apparently our number had been announced while we were in the dining room and I'm sure the room stewards were cursing the stupid Americans who wouldn't leave so they could do their jobs.

We finally got off the boat around 9:30, but our flight didn't leave until 6:00 pm. I was ready to see my kids and be home so I was not looking forward to the seven hour wait and the five hour flight that we had ahead of us. Since we were in Cape Canaveral we decided to go to the Kennedy Space Center to see about a tour. Tickets started at $38.00 so we decided to check out the Astronaut Hall of fame which was down the road and twenty dollars less. We got there and looked around the gift shop for a little while, but we decided not to go inside. Across the street was the Police Hall of Fame, so we thought we'd check that out, but we decided that wasn't for us either, so we headed off to Orlando. We ended up having lunch there, then we hung out at the mall for the few hours we had before we had to be to the airport. Because the next day was Mothers day Chris convinced me to get a pedicure (he didn't have to try very hard), and I even convinced him to get one too. When the lady was done with Chris she asked if he wanted clear, to which he replied yes. He didn't realize that clear was still a polish, so I quickly told them he didn't want anything, but it would have been funny to see his face when they broke out the bottle of nail polish.

I watched two of the movies Chris put on my Zune (Microsofts answer to I-Pod) so the filght home seemed to go a lot faster. It was a good thing I had the movies because there were five kids under three (three of them were 9 month old babies) sitting within two rows of us and there was a lot of crying that I didn't even hear. It was a happy reunion when we got to my parents house to pick up the kids, but little Dalin was asleep. Kaylee was more than happy to wake him up, and I was more than happy to give him big hugs. We passed out some souvenirs and chatted with my parents for a little bit when Dalin finally woke up enough to notice Chris. He said "Daddy!" and got off my lap to give Chris a hug. It was very cute.

One of the Formal nights

Our last night on the ship

Our dining staff Budi an Luciano

I feel pretty?

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Lowell Hafen said...

Chris and Kristen,
I really like the picture of you dressed up formally. Chris, you look very handsome and Kirsten, you look absolutely radiant. i wish I could have been there to see you in person.