Thursday, May 22, 2008

Old Man in a Hat and Twincidents

I know all you out there in blog-world are tired of hearing about the cruise, but this is the most consistent I've ever been in keeping a family history/journal so I have a few more stories and pictures to share and then I'll be done. Chris has wanted this certain hat for a long time (I don't even know the name of it) and he finally got one for Easter. He proudly wore it all throughout the cruise, but we noticed that most of the people who had hats like his were in the over 50 age range. Chris decided to try and covertly get as many pictures as he could with other people wearing the same style of hat.

Okay, I thought there were more pictures, but you get the gist. My favorite is the one on the top left, he found a whole group of them.

On several occasions Chris has been mistaken for my brother Brian. Brian even introduced Chris as his "twin brother-in-law" when they made their appearance on the Family Feud. They are about the same height with dark hair, but that is where the similarities end. It always made me laugh, until it happened to me. We were taking a tour on our first day on the boat, and I stopped to look at something, when I caught up to Chris I put my arm around his waist, except it wasn't Chris it was Brian! I jumped back yelling, " Ahh! You're the wrong boy!" I didn't even touch Chris for the rest of the tour because I did not want to chance making that mistake more than once.

These two models even have the same swimsuit bought at different times, only different colors (very twinish)

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Shauna said...

My dad has a hat just like that! :) How funny. Mike's brother Ryan looks like a dark haired version of Mike. Their voices are REALLY similar, too, and I've been fooled a few times myself (mostly on the phone). Mistaking another man for your husband--a little on the embarrassing side. I can relate. At least it was your brother and not your brother-in-law, like my mistake was. That's worse in my opinion. I'm glad you're blogging about your cruise so much. It like a mini-vacation for those of us who have no cruises on the horizon for ourselves. I'll vacation vicariously through your blog. :) Have a good week!