Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mega Bubble Show

Today we went to the amazing, the fantastic, some might even call it "unbubbleveable" Mega Bubble show! Okay I wouldn't really call it the most spectacular show in Vegas, but we were able to go for free, and the kids really enjoyed it. My sister-in-law Katrina called us this morning and she had gotten free tickets and invited us to come along. So the show consists of this man, Fan Yang, who basically blows different kinds of bubbles for about an hour. How many different kinds of bubbles can there be you ask? Well not really many different kinds, but there were a lot of sizes. and at the end the whole theater was filled with floating bubbles. It was enough to keep Dalin in his seat for a good 45 min., and that is saying something. Afterward we walked around Planet Hollywood for a while (which is where the show was held) then had lunch at this tasty restaurant called Tacone. I really enjoy the sandwiches there, but the sides and smoothies leave a little to be desired.

This is the room full of bubbles. I know, very exciting!

Today is my niece Abby's birthday, and yesterday was her sister Emily and her mom's(Aunt Danette) birthday as well, so after we left the strip we were off to a fabulous Hannah Montana party. Really only the kids stayed for that because it was date night for Chris and I (it was Aaron and Danette's turn to watch kids). Where did we go you ask? Back to the Strip of course! Chris loves to be in crowds and there are plenty on the Las Vegas Strip on a Saturday night, so we walked among the tourists for a couple of hours mostly just people watching. Chris took me to an outlet mall first, so I would feel obligated to join him on his walk. I do not like crowds, and I think aimless walking can be done closer to home to save gas, but I got to be with my sweetheart, the weather was beautiful and we did see some interesting characters along the way so it was a nice time.

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