Thursday, April 3, 2008

I do my little turn on the catwalk

We went to dinner at a restaurant in the mall, and Dalin was flirting with most of the staff. It was kind of funny. When we were done Chris wanted to walk around the mall. There must have been a fashion show or something because there was a catwalk on the first floor. Dalin decided climb up to strut his stuff. He would wait for Chris to introduce him then he would walk down bobbing his head as he went. It was hilarious.
We are in our last few days of track break, and this week just turned out that all of the cousins in school were out so we decided to have a picnic. All but one of the kids Henderson cousins were there, and a couple of my cousins and their kids were there as well. The kids played, the moms visited, and the weather was absolutely beautiful. It is so much fun to have so much family in town.

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Shauna said...

Dalin sounds like he'll give Aiden a run for his money in the entertaining department. That story is hilarious! I'm glad you got to picnic with family. That sounds lovely. We made our park debut of the spring season today and froze our tails off. I keep telling myself I'll be happy come July to be living in Utah, but it's a pretty hard sell here when it keeps deciding to snow on us every other day. Enjoy the Vegas sunshine!