Sunday, March 16, 2008

Goin' to the Chapel...

and my brother got ma-a-a-a-rried. On Saturday my brother Brandon joined the land of the married folks. The weather was pretty blustery and surprisingly cold. Two days before the wedding was the hottest day of the year but the temperature dropped more than twenty degrees by Saturday. The reception was held outside and it was cold. The good thing about having a big family like mine is clean up goes super fast.

The newlyweds Brandon and Cara

This is an attempt at a picture of my whole family. One of my brothers is missing, so we get to try this again.

This picture makes me laugh. This is my dad and Cara's stepfather. My dad wears this tie to church every week, no matter how many ties we buy him for Father's Day. You can't really tell but there are six eagle pins for his six sons who have earned their eagle scout awards (Austin's working on making it seven). Cara's stepfather has 12 children (I don't know how many sons) and the pins on his lapel are eagle scout pins. I think they felt a sense of kinship.

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Shauna said...

Fun pictures! I love the family shot. And the eagle scout pins. Very cool. :0)