Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fever in the morning, fever all through the night

Last week Kaylee came home from school with a low fever and sore throat. I gave her some Motrin and she was good to go back to school the next day. On Monday Ashton and Dalin had low fevers and soar throats, so I figured it would be the same as with Kaylee. Tuesday was even worse and their temperatures were above 103 once the Motrin wore off, and they still had a temperature even when the medicine was working. Feeling like a terrible parent, I finally took them to the doctor on Wednesday where their temperatures were both normal, and there were no other symptoms. I swear taking my kids to the doctor is like when we take our car to the mechanic, everything is always fine when we finally get there. It was some sort of virus and they both feel a lot better today. Ashton went back to school and Dalin is back to his rascally ways. Aiden has started complaining about a sore throat so hopefully we don't start all over again.

In other news, we bought a swing set to add even more to our tiny back yard. It was a pain in the neck to put together, most of the bolts were to short, and none of the nuts fit on the bolts. Once we got the right hardware it went a lot faster. We still have to anchor it down, but the kids are good about not swinging to high yet. Their having fun with it but we'll see how popular it is when the weather is hot, hot, hot.

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